Voter Registration Fraud in Action

Here’s a Youtube clip of a woman in El Paso County, Colorado who is registering voters — but only ones who are going to vote for Romney. I’d really like to know who she was actually working for. If it was the county, as she claimed, some elected official is in a world of trouble. If it’s a Republican third-party group, that would be good to know too so they can be prevented from doing the same thing elsewhere.


The Huffington Post has more information. Turns out the woman is Romney campaign volunteer who lied about working for the county:

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams disavowed the young woman’s statements that she was registering voters on behalf of Williams’ office. “The statement made in this video is both unfortunate and inaccurate,” Williams said in a statement. “My office does not and will not engage in partisan voter registration. It is the duty of the Clerk’s office to ensure that elections are conducted in a fair and honest manner, this includes allowing any one to register to vote regardless of their political party affiliation.”

According to 9News, the young woman registering voters outside of the Safeway storewas a volunteer for the Romney campaign who has since been spoken to by the campaign about her actions.

Oh, she’s been “spoken to.” She should be arrested. What she did was clearly illegal. And the Republicans are trying to change the subject:

Republicans in El Paso County claim that the video was recorded more than a month ago by a Democratic “campaign operative” and has been released now to damage the Romney campaign.

And why would that be relevant at all? It doesn’t matter who recorded the video, it only matters what the video shows. And this should damage the Romney campaign.

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  • whheydt

    Back when rocks were soft… I did some precinct work for a local political campaign. The rules we were given were to go door to doors seeking support for our candidate.

    After finding support, we then asked if the person was registered to vote. If the answer to that was “no”, THEN we would call over someone who could register them. This was because the registrars were *required* to register anyone who asked to be (and legally could be) without regard to party affiliation. They weren’t even permitted to *ask* about party affiliation, except to fill in that blank on the form,and once the process started, they weren’t permitted to back out of it. If someone speaking to a registrar wanted to register…then the registrar had to comply, no matter who that person planned to vote for.

    Those registrars were volunteers working for the specific campaign. We just never called them over to register someone if the first contact established that the potential voter wasn’t favorable to our candidate.

    Looks to me–from Ed’s post–that the campaign in question is Unclear On The Concept.

  • Trebuchet

    I can well imagine she’s been “spoken to”…for being semi-honest about what she was doing. It’s pretty clear she was told to say she was working for the county clerk’s office.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    And guess what: voter IDs would have done absolutely nothing to stop actual election fraud.

  • ArtK

    She wasn’t working for ACORN so she couldn’t possibly be doing anything illegal.

  • coragyps

    There was just a popup on this page ten minutes ago asking “are college professors forcing students to vote for Obama?”

    I didn’t click it…..

  • Chiroptera

    coragyps, #5:

    I click ads like that. Me, I think it’s funny to get a group like that to pay Ed for running his blog.

  • ArtK

    Other hypotheses:

    She was a sleeper, planted by the Obama campaign to discredit Romney.


    She’s working for Kevin O’Keefe who is trying to prove voter fraud in Obama’s favor, but like the rest of the O’Keefstone Kops, she got her instructions wrong.

  • Dr X

    Another case this week.

  • ashleybell

    I think what breaks my heart more than anything else is that the last four years have shown what a large percentage of Americans are so goddamn sleazy. I mean really.

  • oranje

    Nice of the news to keep that false equivalency going, making sure to get “both sides.”

  • Bronze Dog

    Republicans in El Paso County claim that the video was recorded more than a month ago by a Democratic “campaign operative” and has been released now to damage the Romney campaign.

    The lesson for today: Culpability does not lie with the person who committed the crime. It lies with the person who recorded the crime and exposed it to public scrutiny.

  • ArtK

    Republicans in El Paso County claim that the video was recorded more than a month ago by a Democratic “campaign operative” and has been released now to damage the Romney campaign.

    And I’m sure that no Republican operative, with damaging information about the Obama campaign, would wait until an opportune moment to release the info. Nope, no October Surprise here! </snark> Rhetorical question: Are these people cynical hypocrites or are they really this delusional and stupid? I used to think the former, but more and more am leaning towards the latter.

  • fastlane

    According to 9News, the young woman registering voters outside of the Safeway storewas a volunteer for the Romney campaign who has since been spoken to by the campaign about her actions.

    “Listen here, young lady, when there is a camera on you, you lie! Lie! Lie! Lie!”

    You suppose that’s how the talk went??

  • Red-Green in Blue

    I’m sorry – I know this has been said before more than once in the comments on Dispatches – but I just can’t get my head around it:

    1. Why on Earth is party affiliation relevant when registering as a voter? If someone is so keen to influence the selection of a party’s candidates, then just join the party! Why does the government need to know?

    2. Why are political party volunteers doing the registration? That is not their job and is a clear conflict of interest. In the UK, when I was a party candidate, if someone told me they weren’t registered to vote, I gave them the details of the local council’s Electoral Registration Officer, and explained that it wasn’t appropriate for me to get involved (though I could give them the relevant form so they could fill it in and send it off).. And in any case, councils send out registration forms every year anyway, so that was a pretty rare occurrence.

  • mommiest

    No, she shouldn’t be arrested. That costs public money. Since campaigns are responsible for training their volunteers, the campaign should be fined. Every registration this woman touched should be counted and the fine should be based on the number of registrations that resulted from her efforts. Plus some extra money for being so stupid.

  • sidhe3141

    I can say as someone living in that county that this does not surprise me.

  • Chiroptera

    Red-Green in Blue, #14: Why on Earth is party affiliation relevant when registering as a voter?

    Many (maybe most) states have a closed primary election. That means that an actual election, using the same facilities and equipment and volunteers and paid public officials used in the general election, is conducted, at public expense, to select the parties’ candidates. But when you go to your polling place, you can only select the ballot apporpriate for the party in which you are registered. So there is that.

    In other states, you still identify your party affiliation if you have one and you wish to disclose it. That is because the parties are evidently none-to-keen on leaving it up the voter’s initiative to come to party headquarters and sign up in person.

  • ArtK

    @ Red-green

    One reason to have the party affiliation on the registration is that we run closed primary elections in many places. You can only vote for candidates in your own party. Why that is run by the government and not by the parties themselves is something I’ve never understood.

    More and more places are switching to open primaries.

  • Trickster Goddess

    I very much appreciate the Canadian system where all I have to do is check a box on the front page of my tax return to authorize Revenue Canada to forward my name, current address and citizenship status to Elections Canada to register to vote and keep the registration updated. That one check mark registers me for all federal, provincial and municipal elections.

    If I want to be involved in candidate selection, then I need to take the initiative to send 5 bucks to the party for a membership.

  • Rick Pikul

    A note for Americans answering the question “why does the government need to know what party you support?”:

    Saying it’s for your primary elections doesn’t really answer the question. Most of us who know about those _still_ have the question “why do you lot do that?”

    Notice how Red-Green even made mention of the selection of candidates.

  • Aliasalpha

    So if there’s the cockroach party & the termite party and a voter registered as a cockroach, they then vote on which cockroach will be able to represent the cockroach party in the actual main election?

    Picking the captain of their team prior to the match but not allowed to suggest who should captain the other team?

  • John Hinkle

    I’m going to guess this young woman is familiar with the Republican party platform, specifically on women’s issues, and she’s in total agreement with it. Right?

  • Pieter B, FCD

    Quoth Chiroptera:

    I think it’s funny to get a group like that to pay Ed for running his blog

    Me too. ‘Tis a grand day when I see the Liberty University popup.

  • dingojack

    Why not simply say voters can register for either party in the Primaries, but they can only register once per Primary election.

    If you’re stupid enough to register for the wrong party (or seek to register to vote for the other party’s candidate in order to get them to vote in a dud), you’d better hope those that registered to select your candidate (of whichever side they are on) don’t vote in an even bigger idiot on your side.