How the Liberal Media Distorts Fox News Polls

The dribble of conservative complaints about how the liberal media is allegedly tweaking the poll results to make it look like Obama is winning has turned into a flood. Here’s Fox and Friends pushing this idea relentlessly to undercut the validity of polls:


And here’s the latest Fox News poll, which shows Obama with a five point edge nationally. And the latest state polls by Fox News, which showed Obama with a significant advantage in several key swing states. Cue the scary music….

We’ve traced the liberal media bias in the polls, and it’s coming from inside Fox News!

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  • jamessweet

    It was a secret socialist plot, only instead or redistribution of wealth, it was redistribution of facts. Fox News is the mooching welfare queen of truth.

  • Johnny Vector

    No, they’re right! It’s all a conspiracy. Romney has the election totally sewn up. No need for any of you Fox viewers to go out and vote on Nov. 6, it’s all taken care of. Just stay home and have a Bud Light.

  • Michael Heath

    I suspect some denialists will claim Fox News is promoting a President Obama re-election because their ratings will be higher if there’s a boogeyman in the White House. That provides Fox News with more material to generate the hate and fear which predominately motivates older conservative Christians’ addiction to Fox News.

    Of course the other explanation is that the Fox News polls are representative to where likely voters currently stand. The exact type of explanation Fox News viewers are incapable of concluding on their own unless they’re told by their tribal leaders that is their conclusion. Then they’d think they brilliantly derived that last conclusion all on their own.

  • tubi

    Just stay home and have a Bud Light Brawndo.


  • Well, it looks like they can’t trust Rasmussen anymore, either. Or RAND. Or FOXNews.

  • Randomfactor

    The latest “unskewed” daily poll even shows Obama ahead.

  • (In Chandler Bing voice): Could they PUT three dumber* people on TV?

    * Seriously, Honey Boo Boo’s family has a greater grasp of reality than the Kurvy Kouch Krew.

  • Quodlibet

    I’m an American who does not watch TV. I find myself relieved that I do not know who “Honey Boo Boo” or “the Kurvy Kouch Krew” are. And no, don’t bother to enlighten me – I really don’t care. In this case, ignorance is bliss.


    And I’m sure that if the polls showed Rmoney ahead, the Faux response would be exactly the same.


  • fastlane

    And they’re putting flouride in the drinking water.

    Our precious bodily fluids!!!

    Parody is dead, long live parody.

  • Ichthyic

    Here’s Fox and Friends pushing this idea relentlessly to undercut the validity of polls:

    why is it that these idiots inevitably and invariably shoot themselves in the head?

    fuck me, but aren’t the vast majority of their “talking points” BASED on polls?

  • Ichthyic

    Just stay home and have a Bud Light Brawndo.

    it has what plants need.

  • They have to be careful. If Mitts is too far behind the money will dry up but if he is too far ahead then the Republicans who want Obama out of office but don’t like Mitt wont bother voting.

    The same goes for Obama too I suppose.

    I think the unskewed polls guy has it wrong. He should make it a close contest with Mitt slightly behind.

  • pough

    There’s some great stuff in there!

    The Douce: “It seems like what they’re doing is they’re actually talking to about 10 points more Democrats.”

    I prefer to use the more pithy and generally-applicable “the poll results are the results of the poll.” Gretchen comes a bit closer:

    “So if they see that more Democrats came to the polls then that’s why they weight it more towards Democrats, as opposed to Republicans or Independents and vice versa.”

    Don’t forget the vice versa. It’s important.