Matt Barber’s Intellectual Dishonesty

Matt Barber of the Falwell-founded Liberty Counsel tweeted a picture that he intended to show the “media lie” that President Obama is drawing bigger crowds than Mitt Romney. The tweet said, “Media report support for Romney dwindling. Media lie.” And the picture was supposed to be of a huge Romney rally. Here’s the image:

But as GoodAsYou points out, this is actually a picture from a 2008 Obama rally. So what did Barber do? He switched out the picture. And he admitted that he had the wrong one, but then pivoted to an entirely different point:

No, the lesson is that you are an intellectually dishonest person. You can’t just admit that your original point was wrong, so you switch to an entirely different point (and neither point is supported by the evidence you’ve offered, but I’m sure that doesn’t bother you in the least).

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  • Randomfactor

    So, how will Willard do on November 6 compared with the 2008 candidate, hmmm?

  • steve84

    Of course there’d be more people at a really for a new president than during a re-election campaign. Duh

  • busterggi

    I have to disagree.

    One has to have the ability to be intellectual before one can be intellectually dishonest.

  • Sastra

    “I meant to do that.”

    Uh huh.

  • Larry

    Sure, its so easy to mistake a picture taken of a 2008 Obama rally with a recent Romney event. Happens all the time. I bet he wasn’t even reading the caption as he erased it in photoshop.

  • The word ‘intellectual’ is not needed in the title. It isn’t intellectual dishonesty; it’s just plain old dishonesty.

  • John Hinkle

    Why couldn’t Barber just reply with, “Jesus, I’m such an idiot. I tweeted the wrong picture. Shit! I just profaned. God dammit, I just swore! Profaned again! Oh, I give up. Just send us some money, ok?”

  • jba55

    He is one of those people that you have to wonder if he believes his own lies or not. Usually conscious liars are better at it.

    Also: “Media report support for Romney dwindling. Media lie.”

    Media smash!

  • Taz

    It’s alright, Matt. Anyone can make a mistake. Go ahead and put up the picture of the huge Romney rally. You must have dozens, right? We’ll wait.

  • cry4turtles

    He was learned this from FOX news.

  • tubi

    It would have been so easy to verify, too. Just take a magnifying glass and scan the image of the people in the crowd. As soon as you spot a Negro, you know it’s not a Romney rally.

  • Seems like that’s not an easy mistake to make.

    If it’s a photo with a black person in it who’s not Herman Cain, then it’s not a Romney rally.

  • Wes

    Sad to say, but I’m at least impressed that he admitted it was a mistake. It wouldn’t have shocked me at all if he’d just doubled down and insisted it was a Romney rally despite any evidence presented to him.

  • dan4

    Why did Barber think that photo was a rally for Romney in the first place? That picture is so vague and far-away, it could have been a rally for Kraft Cheese, for all it’s lack of clarity and specificity.

  • sc_262299b298126f9a3cc21fb87cce79da

    I recognized that view right away as the Portland river front. Funny thing is that Romney hasn’t done any public rallies here. When he and Ryan come, it’s just to meet with deep-pocket donors behind closed doors.

    Obama hasn’t spent much time in OR of late, but he has done one or two public rallies in the past three years.

  • dingojack

    Remember when some RW clown tried to insist that this was a photo of one of their rallies?

    Same shit, different photo.

    For Barber the only ‘mistake’ was getting caught flat out lying*.



    * Thanks to improved image recognition software this kind of scam is getting harder and harder to do successfully

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    “Conservatives” rely on the fact that I can control my temper quite well, and always am trying to be honest and do the right thing, which simply has never been to beat them until Jesus’ blood comes out of their pores.

    They’re useless, vicious cowards, with the twisted idea that as long as they aren’t getting the crap beaten out of them, they’re “winning”.

  • matty1

    @16, that was an honest mistake they meant to use this picture.

    Godwin, who’s Godwin?

  • Michael Heath

    matty1 writes,

    I’m currently reading Garden of the Beast. In the early-1930s a lot of Americans took some vicious beatings from Storm Troopers when they didn’t, ‘heil Hitler!’.

    Also, the level of denialism from American conservatives regarding the attributes of the Nazi party, which were clearly evident in 1933, is no different than we see know from global warming denialists. 1933 was the year Albert Einstein decided not to return to Germany precisely because the evidence was obvious regarding the nature of the Nazi threat.

  • kermit.


    They’re useless, vicious cowards, with the twisted idea that as long as they aren’t getting the crap beaten out of them, they’re “winning”.

    Reality is a social construct for them. The idea that there is a real reality continues to elude them. Determining whether humans evolved or Romney is winning or that photo was a Romney rally is the same type of dispute – for them – as arguing over a political boundary. Yell, bluster, threaten, insult, cajole, whine, and endlessly repeat refuted claims. If your opponents haven’t persuaded you to admit defeat, then you haven’t lost yet. That boundary (or reality) is not yet decided.