Could Allen West Lose His Seat?

It looks like Rep. Allen West, one of the dumbest and most extreme members of Congress, could lose his House seat in November. A new poll shows his challenger, Patrick Murphy, leading by 9 points over West. There isn’t a lot of polling in individual House races, so there’s less to go on in making a prediction.

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is trailing his Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy by nine points, according to a new Democratic poll.

The poll, conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang Research on Sept. 26-27, found that 52 percent of those surveyed support Murphy, compared to 43 percent for West, a Tea Party favorite. The margin widened even more among Independents: 58 percent said they backed Murphy versus 40 percent supporting the freshman Republican.

The West campaign released its own poll last week that showed him leading by that same margin, but polls put out by the campaigns can rarely be trusted. Another Republican firm released a poll showing Murphy up by 4 points. We can only hope that West is sent packing. That would be one less lunatic in the House.

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  • So West and Bachmann are in danger? Any news on King, who’s dealing with a redrawn district which includes some of the saner central part of Iowa?

  • blf

    Can’t recall right now where I read it — probably the dead-tree edition of the International Herald Tribune — but apparently a log of the previously-elected theebuggers are having problems and polling poorly. As I recall(perhaps incorrectly) the nutcases who supported them are disappointed they haven’t delivered much of anything, there’s still a commie gay atheist mooslin uppity Kenyan in the White House, yadda yadda yadda, and their penis hasn’t grown. (I have no recollection at all what said nutcases are polling as trending to do in the upcoming election…)

  • baal

    Bachmann will probably win given that her district was redrawn in a way that should help her. I say should because as the campaign has gone on, she went from a sizeable lead (15-20 points) to being in the margin of error. Her unfavorable number is also higher than her like number.

  • blf

    Bah! That should be “…apparently a lot of the previously-elected theebuggers are having problems and polling poorly…”. (A quick search has failed to locate the article I’m trying to recall.)

  • I dunno, blf – I think “log” worked just fine in that sentence. It certainly conveyed the flavor.

  • Ben P
  • iariese

    Re: Steve King of Iowa

    The poll I saw last week had him with a very slight lead over Christie Vilsack. Hopefully the religious fundies in NW Iowa will stay home on election night since Mittens is not a ‘real’ christian.

  • Christie Vilsack is the former governor of Iowa and current Secrerary of Ag, Tom Vilsack’s wife. I would think she would have some name recognition. I know nothing about her beyond that.

    The comments section at the piece that BenP linked to is full of teabaggist outrage.

  • Ben P

    The comments section at the piece that BenP linked to is full of teabaggist outrage.

    1. To be completely fair, if the Miami Herald is in possession of a letter from Allen West to his wife, I’d want really substantial evidence as to why they believe it’s authentic before I accept it as such.

    2. Even if authentic, making hay out of such a letter is pretty borderline, even in today’s political environment.

    That said, if the letter is genuine, Allen West has some strange beliefs about the role of god in his marriage. But hey, maybe I should just give him credit for being able to say “god wants you to do dirty things to me” with a straight face.

  • Johnny Vector

    I’d vote for Patrick Murphy in a heartbeat. He likes a bevy, now and then, that he’ll never deny. But he only drinks on the days of the week that end with a ‘Y’.

    Course it’s possible this is a different Patrick Murphy…

  • jjgdenisrobert

    Whenever you refer to Allen West, please refer to him by his full title and name: Convicted War Criminal Allen West.

  • billydee

    We know he’s already lost his mind. If he loses his ass I would certainly celebrate.

  • jayarrrr

    That’s OK, Indiana will probably in all likelihood send Richard Mourdoch to the Senate, thus preserving the Stupid Quotient…