Those Wildly Inaccurate Wingnut Prophets

Former FTBer Libby Anne has a great post that looks at some predictions made by Focus on the Family before the 2008 election. Those predictions were made in a “Letter from 2012 in Obama’s America” and they are really quite amusing to read. It starts with disclaimers:

So here is a picture of the changes that are likely or at least very possible if Senator Obama is elected and the far-Left segments of the Democratic Party gain control of the White House, the Congress, and perhaps then the Supreme Court. The entire letter is written as a “What if?” exercise, but that does not make it empty speculation, because every future “event” described here is based on established legal and political trends that can be abundantly documented and that only need a “tipping point” such as the election of Senator Obama and a Democratic House and Senate to begin to put them into place. Every past event named in this letter (everything prior to October 22, 2008) is established fact.

This letter is not “predicting” that all of the imaginative future “events” named in this letter will happen. But it is saying that each one of these changes could happen and also that each change would be the natural outcome of (a) published legal opinions by liberal judges, (b) trends seen in states with liberal-dominated courts such as California and Massachusetts, (c) recent promises, practices and legislative initiatives of the current liberal leadership of the Democratic Party and (d) Senator Obama’s actions, voting record and public promises to the far-Left groups that won the nomination for him.

Let me translate that: We’re going to scare the hell out of you with ridiculous predictions of what will happen if the Evil One is elected, but we want some wiggle room so we can later claim that we really didn’t make those predictions. And once the letter begins, it’s written in standard wingnut language, heavy on emotion-laden phrases like this:

Dear friends,

I can hardly sing “The Star Spangled Banner” any more. When I hear the words, O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

I get tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. Now in October of 2012, after seeing what has happened in the last four years, I don’t think I can still answer, “Yes,” to that question. We are not “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Many of our freedoms have been taken away by a liberal Supreme Court and a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate, and hardly any brave citizen dares to resist the new government policies any more.

He gets tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat, people. Don’t you see how serious he is, and how serious the situation is? He’s crying, just like the baby Jesus is crying. That’s way more powerful than, you know, facts and evidence and stuff. Then come the predictions:

The most far-reaching transformation of American society came from the Supreme Court’s stunning affirmation, in early 2010, that homosexual “marriage” was a “constitutional” right that had to be respected by all 50 states because laws barring same-sex “marriage” violated the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. Suddenly, homosexual “marriage” was the law of the land in all 50 states, and no state legislature, no state Supreme Court, no state Constitutional amendment, not even Congress, had any power to change it. The Supreme Court had ruled, and the discussion was over.

Not even close. Not only has the Supreme Court not declared that same-sex marriage is the law of the land, they haven’t even heard a case on it yet. And there’s no sign that they will hear one any time soon (they might take the DOMA and Prop 8 cases this term or next, but neither reaches the question of whether same-sex marriage is required at the federal level).

(1) The Boy Scouts no longer exist as an organization. They chose to disband rather than be forced to obey the Supreme Court decision that they would have to hire homosexual scoutmasters and allow them to sleep in tents with young boys…

It had become increasingly difficult for the Boy Scouts to find meeting places anyway, because in 2009 Congress passed and President Obama signed an expansion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which extended federal civil rights protections to people engaging in homosexual behavior. So the Boy Scouts had already been kicked out of all public facilities.

Uh, nope. In fact, the Boy Scouts have reaffirmed their discriminatory position. And there are no legal challenges going on to that because the Supreme Court already ruled the other way on it. Nor was there any such update of the Civil Rights Act.

(2) Elementary schools now include compulsory training in varieties of gender identity in Grade 1, including the goodness of homosexuality as one possible personal choice. Many parents tried to “opt out” their children from such sessions, but the courts have ruled they cannot do this, noting that education experts in the government have decided that such training is essential to children’s psychological health.

Again, not even close to reality.

In addition, many private Christian schools decided to shut down after the Supreme Court ruled that anti-discrimination laws that include sexual orientation extended to private institutions such as schools, and that private schools also had to obey the law and teach that homosexuality and heterosexuality are both morally good choices.

Nope, private Christian schools are thriving. No one, much less Obama, has even tried to make this happen, nor would the Supreme Court, by any configuration, approve it.

(5) Public broadcasting: “The land of the free”? The Bible can no longer be freely preached over radio or television stations when the subject matter includes such “offensive” doctrines as criticizing homosexual behavior. The Supreme Court agreed that these could be kept off the air as prohibited “hate speech” that is likely to incite violence and discrimination. These policies followed broadcasting and print restrictions that were in place prior to 2008 in Canada and Sweden.

For crying out loud. There isn’t a single justice on the court, liberal or conservative, that would agree to such restrictions. Not one.

(8) Homosexual weddings: “The land of the free”? Church buildings are now considered a “public accommodation” by the Supreme Court, and churches have no freedom to refuse to allow their buildings to be used for wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples. If they refuse, they lose their tax-exempt status, and they are increasingly becoming subject to fines and antidiscrimination lawsuits.

Wow. Do you know of any advocate for marriage equality that thinks churches should be forced to perform same-sex marriages? Somehow these nutballs think that the Supreme Court would agree to a legal position that no one actually takes. Apparently they’re going to have to invent a plaintiff and a case out of thin air so they can make a ruling that no sane person could possibly believe they would make. The most liberal justices in the entire history of the court would not take such a position.

(9) Homosexual church staff members: “The land of the free”? While churches are still free to turn down homosexual applicants for the job of senior pastor, churches and parachurch organizations are no longer free to reject homosexual applicants for staff positions such as parttime youth pastor or director of counseling. Those that have rejected homosexual applicants have had their tax-exempt status revoked, and now the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has begun to impose heavy fines for each instance of such “discrimination,” which, they say, is “contrary to the U.S. Constitution as defined by the Supreme Court.”

Uh, yeah. The Supreme Court is magically going to eliminate the ministerial exception completely. Again, I don’t know of a single person anywhere, of any ideology, who believes that churches should not be allowed to choose their ministers on the basis of their religious views. But the wingnuts are sure that this crazy position that no one advocates is suddenly going to be the law of the land in just four years because Obama is elected.

(19) Guns: “The land of the free”? It is illegal for private citizens to own guns for self defense in eight states, and the number is growing with increasing Democratic control of state legislatures and governorships.

Not only has this not happened, no one has even attempted to make it happen. And what we’ve actually seen is increasing Republican control of state legislatures and governorships, passing pro-gun laws.

(20) Home schooling: “The land of the free”? Parents’ freedom to teach their children at home has been severely restricted. The Supreme Court, to the delight of the National Education Association, followed the legal reasoning of a February 28, 2008, ruling in Re: Rachel L by the 2nd District Court of Appeal in California (although that ruling was later reversed). In the later case, the Supreme Court declared that home schooling was a violation of state educational requirements except in cases where the parents (a) had an education certificate from an

accredited state program., (b) agreed to use state-approved textbooks in all courses, and (c) agreed not to teach their children that homosexual conduct is wrong, or that Jesus is the only way to God, since these ideas have been found to hinder students’ social adjustment and acceptance of other lifestyles and beliefs, and to run counter to the state’s interest in educating its children to be good citizens. Parents found in violation of this ruling have been subject to prosecutions for truancy violation, resulting in heavy fines and eventual removal of their children from the home. Thousands of home schooling parents, seeing no alternative in the United States, have begun to emigrate to other countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand, where home schooling is still quite prevalent.

Okay, I’ve run out of ways to say “nope, didn’t happen.”

(28) Taxes: Tax rates have gone up on personal income, dividends, capital gains, corporations, and inheritance transfers. The amount of income subject to Social Security tax has nearly doubled.

Tax rates have actually gone down, including Social Security taxes.

Some of the predictions are things that should have happened but clearly haven’t.

The Justice Department soon began to file criminal and civil charges against nearly every Bush administration official who had any involvement with the Iraq war. During his campaign, Senator Obama said, “What I would want to do is to have my Justice Department and my Attorney General immediately review the information that’s already there and to find out are there inquiries that need to be pursued.” In order to facilitate these proceedings, President Obama rescinded President Bush’s executive order that had prevented presidential papers from being released, and millions of pages of previously secret White House papers were posted on the Internet. ACLU attorneys have spent four years poring over these papers looking for possible violations of law. Dozens of Bush officials, from the Cabinet level on down, are in jail, and most of them are also bankrupt from legal costs.

What they think is a nightmare is actually my dream, but reality didn’t match either one. Obama did the exact opposite of this, refused to consider any legal consequences for Bush administration officials for any of their illegal actions. And he has fought tooth and nail to prevent any civil suits from getting their day in court too. I sure as hell wish this would have happened, but it didn’t.

There are 34 predictions; all of them are false. Two of them come almost kinda close to being a reality. The military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy has been rescinded, as they predicted, but not by executive order as they claimed. And the deficit did go up, as predicted, but not because higher tax rates reduced actual tax revenue. The rest range from absurd to downright insane.

This is a perfect demonstration that the reality on Planet Wingnuttia just isn’t the same as the reality on earth. This fictional world in which the wingnuts live bears very little relationship to the real world. I think it would be very interesting for someone to go back through the decades and collect all of these crazy predictions from the far right in one place, going back to the predictions that Social Security and Medicare were going to transform America into a socialist hellhole, that the Chinese were massing millions of troops on the Mexican border, and so forth. The fact that their dystopic predictions are never right doesn’t slow them down one bit.

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