Obama Loses Key Endorser

Okay, I’m now convinced that Obama is going to lose this election after all. I know the polls are showing that he has a big lead, but now he’s lost the support of Scott Stapp, the singer from Creed. I don’t know how his campaign can recover from such a devastating blow. They better start sending flowers to Chad Kroeger and the guys from Hootie and the Blowfish to make sure they don’t lose another former rockstar that everyone now despises.


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  • “another former rockstar that everyone now despises” — like Dave Mustaine and Ted Nugent?

  • Michael Heath

    IOW, Scott Stapp’s an uninformed idiot who projected his own fantasies onto Barack Obama. When the president actually governed relative to how he promised he governed rather than how the Obama in Stapp’s head would govern, Mr. Stapp feels let down, emphasis on the “feels”.

    It’s also obvious he’s either determinedly ignorant or deluded given his misinformed and false assertion the president hasn’t delivered on any of his campaign promises. Of course the Fox News hosts allow that lie to go uncorrected, I assume because it both plays to their false narrative and their also so idiotically delusional they’re unaware of the actual facts.

    I burst out laughing when Mr. Stapp claimed that because of Barack Obama winning the presidency in 2008, “Everything was going to change”.

    He also seems wholly ignorant of how presidents are checked by Congress where no president has been more successfully obstructed by Congress than this president, with no close seconds.

    In the U.S. most entertainers lean left where Fox News’ normally criticizes people for considering the political views of entertainers because being an entertainer provides little to no advantages which provides them with superior insight (assuming all other factors are equal to other citizens). Of course you also won’t see Fox News arguing we consider experts unless it’s politically convenient to Republicans to do so their moral authority on this entertainer line of criticism carries zero moral weight. So it’s ironic that once again we see Fox News milking a chance to promote the GOP, even if it has them practicing the very type of politicking they condemn others doing.

  • Even people who like creed probably won’t care, from what I understand he got kicked out of the band for having such a severe substance abuse problem.

  • Mark Sherry

    Chad Kroeger is Canadian anyway. I’ve visited his home town of Hanna, Alberta (visiting in-laws over Christmas). They have murals up commemorating each of Nickelback’s albums. It has a population of 2.7k and is an hour’s drive from anything else.

  • What a devastating blow. Obviously, Obama has no chance of winning the 1996 presidential election.

    You have to love how Fox condemns celebrities when they promote liberal causes and candidates, but then practically pee themselves with excitement when a has-been (Stapp, Ted Nugent, Victoria Jackson, Chuck Norris) endorses a republican.

  • matty1

    They have murals up commemorating each of Nickelback’s albums. It has a population of 2.7k and is an hour’s drive from anything else.

    Only an hour? I’m not sure the quarantine zone is wide enough.

  • Was it Stapp who said that (paraphrasing here),”Eddie Vedder only wishes he could sing as well as I do.”?

    Creed had one song I liked and one that I sorta liked. I can think of, at a minimum, several score of other bands that I liked much better.

    Whether he votes for Obama or not, he’s a bloviating piece of shit.

  • wildbill


  • democommie@7:

    Creed only ever did one song. They just kept changing the title.

  • I’m still waiting to see which candidate the lead singer from Jars of Clay endorses before I make up my mind.

  • Ichthyic

    where no president has been more successfully obstructed by Congress than this president, with no close seconds.

    I’d argue for Carter, but if so only barely.

  • metro

    Chad Kroeger isn’t a Candian. He is an imbecile. Photos exist of him shaking the hand of Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Geo Bush lite), something most people in the arts, and sixty percent of Canadians*, would rather drink a pint of their own diarrhea than do.

    *Yes, sixty percent of us loathe the scrofulous, smug, unctuous toad. Unfortunately we suffer from an idiosyncratic voting system under which victory may be enjoyed by any party that can put together 35% of the popular vote.

  • drizzt

    Listened to Creed on Youtube… Glad they stopped liking Obama… With that kinda music omfg… Just don’t say you play World of Warcraft or else you’re smeared…

  • Rip Steakface

    I’m fairly sure it’s safe to say Andrew Johnson was more obstructed, given that he holds the record for highest number of overturned vetoes – however, that’s a much different aspect to obstruction.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Obama lost the support of a pop music performer? And that’s worth a fig in a grove of fig trees? HAH!

    Here’s the truth: the worst loss to the American political process was the death of George Carlin and the subsequent diminution of Joe Pesci. Why? Because neither one of them fucked around, that’s why.

    If it were only so simple, eh? Then both governing and voting would be as simple as listening to pop music, watching made-for-teevee comedy specials and paying for movies that feature idiots using guns to solve elementary financial issues!

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    I quite prefer Alter Bridge to Creed.

    … and Scott Stapp is a moron.

  • bmiller

    My only question is…Who does Stryper endorse?

  • bmiller

    Crudely Wrott:

    You will kindly refrain from bemirching the sacred name of The Carlin. His opinions on politics are far more perceptive than 95% of the mainstream media.

  • cry4turtles

    Scott Stapp, christian hypocrite extraordinare! He croons for christ while having orgies with hookers and fellow rockers. I saw through him a decade ago.