Barton Hearts Lively

When David Barton’s book was pulled by Thomas Nelson, Scott Lively was one of his most vocal defenders. That’s not a surprise, of course, since Lively, like Barton, is a fake historian telling ridiculous lies about history. His specialty is lying about Hitler and gay people, while Barton’s is lying about American history. Barton is now returning the favor by headlining a fundraiser for Lively. Birds of a feather and all that.

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  • John Pieret

    More specifically, loons of a feather …

  • StevoR

    Is that Scott Lively a Holocaust denier as seems to be implied there?

    Nice company if so. (NOT!)

    Also, if so, to think that bein’ “Bible believing” is supposed to lead to morally /ethically good and decent people! Disproof of that right there really.

  • Yoritomo

    Lively is the “Pink Swastika” guy who claims that the Holocaust was committed by gay Nazis, chosen by Hitler (who supposedly was gay himself, never mind Eva Braun) for their greater brutality. Really.