Kirk Cameron Gets ‘Crucified’ for ‘Blasphemy’

Like most fundamentalist Christians, Kirk Cameron is convinced that he is terribly persecuted because people criticize him for saying stupid things. In fact, he told an audience at Liberty University that he was “crucified” when he violated “blasphemy laws” by saying bigoted things about gay people.


No, Kirk. You weren’t arrested, much less crucified. You were criticized. Get the fuck over it. Right Wing Watch also notes that during his talk, Cameron claimed that the Puritans of Massachusetts supported “religious and political freedom.” That’s kind of amusing, given that he was giving that talk at a Baptist school. That particular brand of Christianity was explicitly outlawed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony and those who preached it were banished. That’s how Rhode Island was created.

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  • cry4turtles

    “See people in the right relationship with god,” as per MY criteria. Fixed that for him.

  • dingojack

    Uh Kirk – did you claim you were god (or a god), did you claim to have god-like powers or attributes?

    Did you criticise the methods, preachings or doctrine of the (or a) church?

    If the answer to the first question is ‘yes’ then you committed ‘blasphemy’; if the answer to the second question is ‘yes’ then you committed ‘heresy’.

    Sheesh – you’d think these religious types would know their own babble-language by now!


  • MikeMa

    There have always been bigoted, moronic assholes like Kirk. The problem is that now we seem to give them microphones rather than sad looks. That level of stupid never used to rise above a whisper.

  • davidct

    Perhaps we should stop persecuting religion and let them get back to the free expression of witch burning. It is an old tradition so it must be good. It is the abandonment of our fine traditions that is the reason that modern society is going to hell in a handbasket. We have to get back to our roots.

  • otrame

    Roger Williams wasn’t kicked out for being a Baptist, as you seem to be Imlying, Ed. He believed in freedom of conscience, though, which did get him into trouble.

    I highly recommend Sarah Voewll’s The Wordy Shipmates, for a modern, comletely unique (like everything Vowell has ever wrotten) and highly entertaining history of the Mass. Bay Colony. Better yet, get the audiobook.

  • stevenbelgium

    Hi Kirkster.

    Your buddy Jesus here. Well I say buddy, but let’s face it our relationship is more about you begging me to do things for you like putting that weather wane Mormon in charge of your country and helping you control those urges you have. Urges by the way that I have never condemned. Don’t get me confused with that uptight d-bag Paul.

    Anyways about that crucification thing. Here’s the thing. Unless you’ve actually had nails driven through you and been left to slowly die on a cross you haven’t really been crucified you know. Just thought I should let you know.

    Take care, the J-man.

  • Marcus Ranum

    Causality: you’re crucified for being stupid, you’re not stupid for being crucified.

  • Marcus Ranum

    Perhaps we should stop persecuting religion and let them get back to the free expression of witch burning. It is an old tradition so it must be good.

    I like the “stone the false prophets” one. We could have the catholics round every other preacher of every other religion up, then take them out to some military proving ground in the desert and have NASA drop a space shuttle on ’em.

    (disclaimer: unlike slc1 I do not actually support wholesale slaughter of groups; I am being facetious)

  • percysowner

    It’s hard Kirk. One day you are getting co-stars fired because you are the hot guy on set and you can enforce your misogynistic morals on everyone in your show and the next day, everyone laughs at you. Ce la vie!

  • Michael Heath

    I wonder what the score was for the students believing Kirk Cameron vs. the score of those Liberty U. students who attended the Richard Dawkins event.

  • democommie

    Shorter Kirk Cameron:

    “My wife tells me to go fuck myself when I want me some hot sex. I’m afraid that if I keep bashing the bishop I’ll get gay cooties along with AIDS and syph. We gotta wipe ’em out before they tempt me too much!”.

  • John Pieret

    So, Kirk, show us the stigmata …

  • dingojack

    Shouldn’t that be Thomas Pieret?

    :) Dingo

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Why is KC wearing a headphone and speaking into a podium mike?

  • Modusoperandi

    Pierce R. Butler, one has a line to the voices in his head.

  • John Pieret

    @ Dingo #13:

    Shouldn’t that be Thomas Pieret?

    Amusingly, that is, in fact, my given middle name.

  • Sastra

    If you say bigoted things about gay people you aren’t going against the dogma that one must never say negative things about gay people. You are going against the standard that you must never say negative things about people which are not true.

    Not blasphemy, Kirk. Lying. Get it straight. Religion is the side which makes the big deal about “believing on faith,” sidestepping that whole rational/empirical let’s all decide if it’s true-or-false thing. That’s why only religion has “blasphemy” as a crime.

  • Dr X

    If he thinks he was crucified, all I can say is that Cameron has never known real suffering, either of the random kind or of the kind willfully inflicted.

    Is it possible that he’s got himself confused with Cameron Todd Willingham?

  • darwinharmless

    So this dude says hateful things about gays and tells us that’s “love speech”? Next he’ll be telling us that war is peace and lies are truth. My gaydar is blipping like crazy when I watch this guy talk. How long before he get’s caught with a rent boy or giving blow jobs in airport washrooms? Any bets on that?

  • dingojack

    John Pieret – snap!

    darwinharmless – *Meh* I’d only give evens at best. 😉


  • billydee

    #19 According to several gay blogs it’s more likely he will be caught trolling in the bushes in Griffith Park.

  • bobbyearle

    Another way to know that his Kirkness was not crucified is the fact that he is still able to eat M&Ms.

    Tip the veal…etc.

  • Ichthyic

    Another way to know that his Kirkness was not crucified is the fact that he is still able to eat M&Ms.

    and bananas

  • Azkyroth, Former Growing Toaster Oven

    Claiming to have been “crucified” ought to obligate you to go through with it. >.>

  • lofgren

    His ultimate conclusion displays his fascistic worldview. You can’t have a society that respects the rights of all. You can only be the most powerful oppressor.

  • avawilson

    The Puritans didn’t come here for tolerance of religious expression, they came because they didn’t like the religious freedom or divide occurring in their homeland; they wanted a place where their rules were in abidance, including NO tolerance of other religions. Their nonsense trials and body count of the innocent based on superstitious silliness didn’t start with the Witch Trials, they were persecuting people long before that and sentencing them to death.

    Take George Spencer, who was open about his lack of faith, and was thus constantly accused by neighbours of depraved acts, including bestiality. After a deformed piglet (that apparently ‘looked an awful lot’ like George) was born to a sow, the community took that as a sign from God that George was guilty of being a depraved monster that molested animals, and executed him for it.

    The most radical Puritans were the ones that ended up emigrating to America; the more moderate or liberals tended to stay behind. The radicals were disgusted that the Church of England was tolerant of Catholicism, and they advocated strict forms of theocracy.

    Ironically, they weren’t against moderate drinking, and believed in full indulgence of sex if it was inside a marriage, but otherwise they were quite insanely radical about everything – including intolerance toward other beliefs.

    The short end of it is that praising Puritans with the childhood myth that they ‘came here for more religious freedom’ in any sense is asinine and shows a distinct lack of acquaintance with history. This guy included, or especially.

    More on George Spencer:

  • Uncle Glenny

    Tip the veal…etc.

    Wtf? Is this like tipping cows?