GOP Voter Registration Operation Changes Names

Remember Nathan Sproul, the former Arizona Republican chairman whose various companies have been caught repeatedly engaging in voter registration fraud while on the GOP payroll? The RNC suspended one of his front companies a few weeks ago after investigations in several states found registration fraud going on, but now he’s back with yet another name for a front company:

Strategic Allied Consulting, the firm hired and fired by the RNC for voter registation and GOTV efforts in North Carolina and other battleground states has quickly morphed into another entity called Issue Advocacy Partners operating similarly in at least Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New York and New Jersey according to a review of nationwide job listings…

Yet Nathan Sproul hardly seems to have missed a beat. Just as the scandal hit the national mainstream media with a report by Michael Isikoff at NBC, similar ads were being posted in other states, namely Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New York and New Jersey, for almost identical jobs with another enitity, Issue Advocacy Partners. Some of the listings are connected directly to Sproul’s Lincoln Strategy Group. Others use Sproul’s Tempe, AZ, business address for contact information.

The site linked to above has images from the websites of the two companies, one suspended and the other still operating, and they are virtually identical. They literally did nothing more than move the website to a new domain and change the names and links. The same ads have now also shown up in Alabama and Louisiana. So the company gets “fired” by the RNC and the state Republican parties in 10 states, then changes names and starts operating in seven other states. And there’s hardly a peep from the media that did so much drooling over the ACORN story.

As I said, there are three key differences between this and the ACORN scandal:

1. ACORN had a system to check the voter registration forms for validity and they separated out the ones that appeared to be bad, sending them in with all the others (as required by law) but in their own packet, along with the identities of the canvassers who took them. That is not the case for Sproul’s various companies.

2. Sproul’s operations have been caught on video offering voter registration only to those who identify themselves as Republican voters and former employees have testified that they shredded forms filled out by Democrats in some states and switched the party registrations in other states. ACORN was never accused of that, which is blatantly illegal.

3. Sproul is being paid by the Republican party directly. ACORN was not paid by the Democratic party.

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    So they need a new name, because they dragged their old one through the mud. They could try Xe Services LLC, I hear that one isn’t in use any more.

  • Dennis N

    4. ACORN registered people of color to vote, so they had to be investigated by Congress for their horrid crime.

  • Blackwater -> Xe

    The question is why do Democrats do nothing when ACORN gets vilified, and do nothing when Sproul does not?

  • Dennis N

    Blackwater -> Xe -> Academi

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    shripathikamath says:

    The question is why do Democrats do nothing when ACORN gets vilified, and do nothing when Sproul does not?

    In part, because the Dems don’t have a large, slickly run broadcasting network all their own.

    Another interesting question is, why doesn’t the supposedly liberal media jump all over this?

  • bornagainatheist

    Another question. Why hasn’t this guy been charged with a felony for voter fraud and arrested? He has apparently been doing this stuff for years.

  • @bornagainatheist.

    I second that request for info.

    Q: Is there a reason that the ACLU coudn’t get involved? Does a citizen have to file a suit before they get involved, or can the ACLU file suits on it’s own?

    And really, why isn’t this going before the courts?

    @ shripathikamath @ #3

    It’s not that the dems did nothing over the Acorn ‘scandal’. It’s that the media showed immense interest in Acorn, and none at all in Sproul’s illegal activity. I’ve said it before… The tacit understanding between both parties, is that the Democrats are the adults and the republicans are the spoiled brats. What makes news is when one or the other does something uncharacteristic. The Acorn thing was fueled almost entirely by FOX and lazily echoed by the rest of the MSM. Acorn was all they talked about for like…ever. MSNBC tends to move from one Conservative fiasco to the next at an understandably speedy clip. MSNBC more or less ‘informs’, wheras FOX dissemenates

  • I think the word for Fox “news” that you’re looking for is propagandizes instead of disseminates.

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”