Anti-Delgaudio PAC Forms in Virginia

The story of allegations of misconduct against Loudon County Supervisor and first-class looney tunes Eugene DelGaudio gets more interesting. His opponents have formed a Political Action Committee called Real Advocate PAC and filed a lawsuit over the county’s apparent refusal to turn over records that were requested though FOIA:

A political action committee on Wednesday filed a petition in Loudoun County Circuit Court, asking the court to order County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York to reveal documents that they say confirm Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio ordered former aides to assist in his campaign and fundraising activities in March 2011.

Elizabeth Miller, director of Real Advocate Political Action Committee, filed the request following a Washington Post article that claimed several former aides of the Republican supervisor said they believed they were tasked with unethical political duties while working for Delgaudio.

They also claim that the investigation ordered by the board of supervisors into the matter is a sham. The plot thickens. This is going to be fun to watch.

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  • Quantum Mechanic

    Soooo… His opponents are leading the PAC baying at DelGaudio’s heels?

  • unbound

    Yeah, the supervisor (as well as most of the board) are pretty rotten, but we keep voting the idiots back into office. The political misdealings are only the tip of the iceberg as most of the board is deep in bed with the largest developers in the county (mostly Toll Brothers).

    Most families are concerned with education (we are / have been the fastest growing county for many years now), and the primary struggles have been caused by the Board of Supervisors (in Virginia, the school board doesn’t have the ability to levy taxes on their own…they are at the mercy of the Board of Supervisors) lead by Scott York. When the school board managed to save up some of their prior year budgets because they knew expenditures would have to increase, the BoS yanked that money away from the schools to support budget issues (because it would be horrible if we raised the mill levy a fractional amount). Yet Scott York and most of the BoS members successfully confuse people in the local papers such that they keep voting the primary problem people back into office each and every election cycle.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these bozos make it to state and federal levels at some point in the next decade or two.

  • matty1

    The sooner Delgaudio is free of the responsibilities of office the sooner he can pursue what is obviously his destiny – Writing for the Word Nut Daily.

  • stevensmiller

    Thanks for spreading the word about us, Ed. We have a court date scheduled for Wednesday morning, to compel the county government to explain its reasons for denying us the documents we’ve requested (and, we hope, to see the judge order the county to turn those documents over).

    These kinds of actions are not the most expensive in political history, but we can use all the help we can get. I hope your readers will visit us and be part of what we’re doing.

    Stevens Miller

    Executive Director

    Real Advocate PAC

  • acroyear

    I certainly will visit and donate, as thanks to the gerrymandering he led (which eliminated two democrat-held seats on the county board), i’m now stuck with him as my rep on the western side of Sterling.