Beck: Romney = George Washington

Glenn Beck continues his absurd comparisons between Mitt Romney and America’s historical leaders. First it was Lincoln, now he’s comparing him to George Washington. And while he was frustrated with Romney’s docile nature in the last debate, he thinks Romney was passive because God told him to be.


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  • Randomfactor

    Ah, I too remember George Washington’s revolutionary war days at the chateau in France.

  • Damn it! With his first swing, Randomfactor wins the internet!

  • hexidecima

    Let’s see, Romney can’t stop lying. Washington has that little story told about him being so honest he “could not tell a lie”.

    always great when the theists are depending on blaming their god for everything. God wants Mitt to be passive! God wants Mitt to be a liar!

  • bobcarroll

    But, how does God want me to vote?

  • Is it possible that Kolob had its own George Washington, and THAT is who Beck is comparing to Romney?

  • “First it was Lincoln…”

    Dishonest Abe?

    “…now he’s comparing him to George Washington.”

    He’s not George Washington. He isn’t even George Romney.

  • laurentweppe

    Ah, I too remember George Washington’s revolutionary war days at the chateau in France.

    Not that I want to defend Romney or anything, but Ben Franklin spent the revlutionnary war gallivanting in french châteaux and hôtels particuliers, which was actually instrimental in securing the french alliance and american victory.

    So, you may have chosen the wrong comparison.

  • ArtK

    @ Randomfactor


    @ Modusoperandi


    @ laurentweppe

    If Beck had compared Romney to Franklin you’d have an inkling of a point. Even then, Ben was doing things to benefit his country, not benefiting his church. But since Beck didn’t make that comparison, you’re way off. Just because somebody went to France during the revolution, it doesn’t excuse Romney’s egregious chicken-hawking.

  • bornagainatheist

    Maybe god wants Mitt Romney to lose the debate and the election. After all, god told Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum to run for President and they all lost. Maybe god is really a Democrat. WOW, I need to call Glenn Beck right away to let him know what god revealed to me.

  • glodson

    I suspect that Beck doesn’t know who Lincoln and Washington are.

    I don’t mean an understanding of the character, personality, values and so on. I mean I literally don’t think he knows anything about them aside from the name.

    The man is like a font of ignorance. When I hear him speak, I can feel the knowledge being drained out my head at a rapid rate. Might explain why he still has fans. They didn’t make it out in time… the poor unfortunate people.

  • vmanis1

    At the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin was 70, and would hardly have been draft-eligible. By contrast, Mittens was of draft age.

    If Beck had wanted to compare a Romney presidency with a historical one, perhaps Millard Fillmore or Warren G Harding might be a better choice.

  • iangould

    If Mitt wins that’ll be God’s Will too.

    It’ll either mean he needs to be strengthened by more adversity so he can come back even stronger in 2016 or it’ll be a Sign to start that race war Glenn’s been pining for.

  • iangould

    LOSES damn it! “If Mitt LOSES that’ll be God’s Will too.”

  • had3

    Glenn was on the right track when he thought mitt was similar to president George W., but he stopped reading the tea leaves to see the rest of the name: George W. Bush.

  • jj1800

    @laurentweppe October 26, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    So Franklin ( goes to France, engages both the people and the royalty of that nation to support (both with their money and the blood of their countrymen) a rebellion conducted by a ragtag army. The risks for France if the colonies lose are great and the payoff if the colonies win is minimal. The securing of French support is pretty well agreed by historians of that period as being pivotal to the success of the revolution. And Franklin accomplishes that mission.

    Romney, after marching in support of an American war, goes to France (who had abandoned that same war and was happy to turn over responsibility for it), and accomplishes….

    …converting a few hapless French over to Mormonism.

    Oh yeah, the equivalency is obvious.

  • laurentweppe

    Franklin obviously did put his french gallivanting to better use than Romney, but the fact remains that in both case, there was gallivanting in luxury homes in France

  • jj1800

    @laurentweppe October 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    All right Lauren, now you have just gone too far. It’s one thing to compare what Franklin did for his nation in France during a time of war and what Romney didn’t do for his nation in France during time of war. But, to even remotely imply that their levels of gallivanting were the same; ludicrous!

    Let the historical record show that Franklin could accomplish his objectives while gallivanting at a level that Romney wouldn’t even dare to attempt.

  • Amphiox

    And while he was frustrated with Romney’s docile nature in the last debate, he thinks Romney was passive because God told him to be.

    Of course. Any truly omnibenevolent God, if it existed, would be telling Romney to throw the election.

    Because no benevolent God would actually want Romney to win.

  • Amphiox

    Well, Franklin went to France, and with his smooth talking convinced the French to help him.

    Then in the Peace Conference after the war, Franklin was part of the US negotiating team that conspired with the British to completely screw the French over, such that France got almost NOTHING in return for the treasure and blood she spent helping the Americans in their war, while the US got almost everything they wanted, and the British, despite technically losing the war, actually came out fairly well.

    This expenditure, for France, proved to be a major, if not THE major cause of the subsequent budgetary crisis that lead directly to the social unrest that resulted in the French Revolution (not to mention the direct sociological inspiration that the American Revolutionaries gave to their French counterparts).

    This resulted, in the end, in the total liquidation of the Imperial French Regime, and a significant chunk of the French nobility who negotiated with and were charmed by Ben Franklin, including both the King and Queen, ended up being guillotined.

    Meanwhile, after the dust settled, the French Republic that ultimately emerged became for a while a major friend and ally of the United States, gifting the US with even more treasure in general, and the entire Statue of Liberty in specific.

    Charm. Betray. Liquidate. Profit.

    Actually the parallels to Romney aren’t all that far off base.

  • Romney’s docility is not the result of GOD’s invisible hand up his butt. It’s the result of his not having a fucking clue about how to deal with someone who actually knows wtf they’re talking about.

    There’s an ad for Anne Marie Buerkle, my teabaggist congress critter (well, she’s really one district over) that’s running under this post. She’s gonna git gummint out of healthcare–although her tv and radio ads claim that she’s gonna GARANTEE that Medicare will be there. That will take some pretty herculean effort on her part–oh, wait, she’s prolly gonna do that as a member of, y’know, the GUMMINT!

  • Childermass

    This won’t be complete until Donald Trump gets on horseback and with a bullhorn says “The n——s are coming. The n——s are coming.” (Or maybe have Sheriff Joe instead of Trump and brown people instead of the n word.)