Fischer Declares Himself a Prophet

Here’s an amusing video of Bryan Fischer declaring himself a prophet, while claiming he isn’t doing so, for warning America that we have to choose between the “homosexual agenda” and liberty.


The funny thing about all this ignorant bleating about religious liberty is that it’s exactly the same argument used against civil rights for women and black people, and for exactly the same reason. On anti-discrimination laws, for example, their argument is that it violates their religious liberty to force them to hire a gay person. But then why isn’t it a violation of religious liberty to force them to hire a woman or a black person? And why isn’t it a violation of religious liberty for me to refuse to hire a Christian or a Muslim? If they applied their reasoning consistently, it would have to be — and they would be campaigning to have religion removed from anti-discrimination laws. But they’re not. Because this is not about religious liberty, it’s about religious privilege. It’s about Christian hegemony.

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  • dingojack

    Fischer a profit prophet?



  • As I recall, the Bible is pretty clear how false prophets should be treated.

  • yoav

    I’m not sure they wouldn’t like to have religion removed from anti discrimination laws and from the same reason they want the other categories removed. The Brian Fischers of the world are so accustomed to living in a society where being a white, christian, heterosexual male is considered the default state that they think that if anti-discrimination laws didn’t exist it will allow them to discriminate against whoever it is they don’t like at the moment while being unable to contemplate the possibility that there may be a situation where the same rules may protect them from discrimination.

  • Ben P

    As I recall, the Bible is pretty clear how false prophets should be treated.

    I was going to say this.

    In addition, saying you’re “a prophet” opens up all sorts of questions about what’s going on inside your head.

    People like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell routinely give prophecies, but I’ve never heard them describe themselves as “prophets.” It’s easy for me to assume that when one of them says “God has told me this…” and “this has been revealed to me…” they’re being Charlatans, or even if not actively being dishonest merely substituting personal opinions for what they believe god wants.

    But when you describe yourself as “a prophet” it borders on megalomania.

  • hexidecima

    and a video, cleverly done (wait for the end), that pretty much shows your point, Ed.

  • While Fischer’s claims of a choice between ‘homsexual agenda’ and liberty is doubtless false, IMO Americans do have to choose between Christian hegemony, Fischer-style, and liberty, as the two appear to be mutually-exclusive options.

    How’s that for irony?