Corsi’s Latest Lunacy

Jerome Corsi has already proven, to the satisfaction of untold numbers of thinking-impaired people, that President Obama is a commie Muslim who was was in a same-sex marriage in college. But now he’s got his biggest “discovery” yet — Obama had plastic surgery to hide his “real” identity. And he has the pictures to, uh, “prove” it.

I’m not going to reproduce the images here because I don’t have permission to do so, but go look at them. He takes old black and white images of Obama, blown way up in most cases, and compares them to newer images. And he quotes a couple of apparent quacks, one of whom markets a “30 minute face lift” on TV, saying that they think he’s had a nosejob. And why would he do that? To hide the identity of his real father:

Gilbert suspects Obama had the surgery because he was “concerned he was looking too much like Frank Marshall Davis as he got older.”

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that Obama chose to undergo a rhinoplasty before running for U.S. Senate and facing the national spotlight,” Gilbert said. “If Obama was identified as Davis’ son, it would connect the Marxist dots of Obama’s entire life journey.”

Gilbert said Obama “needed the Kenyan father fairy tale to misdirect the public away from the fact that he is a red diaper baby, the child of a Communist Party USA propagandist and Soviet agent.”

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those pesky wingnuts. But wait…how do we choose among the opposite ways the right wingers try to explain the “real Obama”? Dinesh D’Souza says that the key to understanding Obama is to understand his real father, Barack Obama Sr., and his “anti-colonialist” views. But Gilbert says the key to understanding Obama is to understand his other real father, Frank Marshall Davis, who apparently passed communism to him in the womb. And I forget which one of them went back in time to plant the fake birth announcement. Oh wait, that was George Soros. Or Saul Alinsky. Damn, it’s hard to keep all this crazy bullshit straight.

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  • Curse those Marxist dots! They always give us away in the end!

  • slc1

    Somehow I liked the Obama’s “real” father was Malcolm X the best. Of course, if his “real” father was either Malcolm or Davis, there goes the entire birther argument out the window as both were US citizens.

  • brianwestley

    Obviously, Obama is really promoting “My Two Dads” subliminally.

  • dugglebogey

    I have super secret documents that allege that Ronald Reagan colored his hair.

  • Alverant

    What’s wrong with anti-colonialist views? You’d think conservatives would be for them since it fits in with their anti-big government views. You need a big government to have colonies.

  • I see he’s basing all this on stuff from Joel Gilbert – well, I suppose it has been a least a whole fortnight now since Gilbert made Corsi look like even more of an idiot than usual by scrubbing his “Obama wears a Muslim ring” claim.

  • DaveL

    Well, you see, Obama clearly got his Marxist agenda from his father Frank Marshall Davis, and his anti-colonial attitudes from his father Barack Obama Sr. Just as he couldn’t have attended Rev. Wright’s church for so many years without absorbing the latter’s supposed anti-Americanism, but still somehow managed to remain a Muslim the entire time.

  • DaveL

    I just went and saw the pictures. Am I the only one catching a whiff of “All blacks look alike?”

  • Trebuchet

    I see it all so clearly now — obviously Davis gay-married Obama, Sr, and they used Ann Dunham as a surrogate for their commie-Mooslim-gay-clone-baby.

  • It’s all true: that is what makes it a conspiracy.

  • tubi


    I have super secret documents that allege that Ronald Reagan colored his hair.

    Some old Long’s receipts signed by Nancy?

  • zmidponk

    I’m looking at the pictures ‘proving’ Obama’s nose-job. Maybe my eyes are bad, because all I see is maybe the sides of the bridge of his nose being a bit thinner – you know, as if he’s lost a little bit of weight between then and now.

    Of course, even if there is clear signs of a nose-job there that I’m not seeing, there’s still the little matter of this only proving Obama had a nose-job, nothing more. These days, it’s almost the case that someone in the public eye NOT having cosmetic surgery of some kind is the weird one.

  • dmcclean

    The insane Frank Marshall Davis theory has always surprised me. It is testable, which is generally a property that wingnut theories avoid at all cost. Not that Corsi is the type to shut his pie hole after the evidence proved him wrong, of course.

  • subbie

    My FSM! Are you people blind!?! It’s so obvious that even Stevie Wonder could see it. He’s had plastic surgery to remove all the graininess that existed in his face back in 1990. If you weren’t all a bunch of commie fascist atheist pinko socialist muslims you’d be able to see that.

  • Of course, Davis was born in Kansas…so there goes the “Obama’s Kenyan” meme.

    There is someone in my neighborhood who actually has a “Vote For The American” sign in his front yard.

    Scary that people can be that nuts and not be required to be on medication.

  • khms

    I have super secret documents that allege that Ronald Reagan colored his hair.

    You must be confused. That was Gerhard Schröder, in 2002.

    (Actually, the German supreme court said he didn’t. No, really. I am not making that up. )

  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    I’m looking at those pictures and the supposed differences are more from the lack of graininess in the newer photos, and better lighting. And perhaps a professional makeup artist?

    If he were trying to “conceal his identity, the small scar in the middle of the forehead (pic 1) and the prominent chin (all pics) would be more likely candidates for alteration than his ordinary looking nose.

  • loren

    “Damn, it’s hard to keep all this crazy bullshit straight.”

    Not only that, but even in interviews where Corsi argues that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama’s biological father, he STILL argues that he believes Obama was born in Kenya.

    His rationale is that Obama’s mom was so committed to the cover-up of her baby’s true father that she went to Kenya just to make people *think* that Senior was the father.

    Of course, this conflicts with the other claim that the grandparents defrauded Hawaii in order to get a birth certificate. Corsi can’t make up his mind whether Ann wanted everyone to think her son was born in Kenya or whether she wanted everyone to think he was born in Hawaii.

  • Chiroptera

    Oh my god!

    Who the fuck cares if Obama ever had a nose job? Who the fuck cares if he once looked like Frank Marshall Davis? Who the hell cares whether his father was Frank Marshall Davis?

    This is supposed to tell us something about what kind of President Obama might be? If you want to explain what kind of President Obama would be, just look at the last four years of his Presidenting!

  • loren

    One fascinating thing about Corsi, BTW, is how we’ve seen him descend further and further into conspiracist idiocy over the last several years.

    With “Unfit for Command” and “The Obama Nation,” he was writing political smear books, but they were nothing too overtly ridiculous. Then starting in the final months before the 2008 election, he became more and more preoccupied with crazy conspiracy theories about Obama. And now in the final weeks before the 2012 election, he’s reduced himself to arguing that Obama is a gay Muslim who had a secret nose job to hide his secret Communist daddy, who took nude pictures of his mom which he sold to magazines.

    At this point, “The Obama Nation” seems like it was written by an entirely different person; as bad as the book was, Corsi still didn’t incorporate obvious crap like the claims of Joel Gilbert or Larry Sinclair. And Corsi’s core argument has done a complete 180; his book basically argued “I’ve thoroughly researched and documented Obama’s life” but nowadays Corsi’s recurring theme is “We know absolutely nothing about Obama’s life.”

  • bcreason

    Frank Marshall Davis was born in 1905 which makes him a more likely grandfather than father of Obama. Davis would have been 56 when Obama was born.

    Not an impossibility but an unlikely pairing for a 19 year old Ann Dunham.

  • slc1

    Re loren @ #18

    If Obama’s father was either Malcolm X or Davis, it matters not at all whether he was born in Hawaii, Kenya, or Timbuktu. Both parents would have been American citizens and he would have birthright citizenship, just like John McCain did and Romney’s father did.

  • unnullifier

    8. DaveL says:

    I just went and saw the pictures. Am I the only one catching a whiff of “All blacks look alike?”

    Same here. I watched the video and it had scary music while comparing side-by-side images of Frank Marshall Davis and President Obama. They were trying to lead the viewer to the conclusion that Obama and Davis were related, however that would only work for someone who subscribes to “all [race] look alike” mentality as it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention to actual facial structure and features that Obama and Davis are in fact not related.

  • jpf

    The last photo on the linked page (“Exhibit 3”) the 2008 photo has been poorly manipulated to make the nose thinner. You can clearly see that either a clone or smudge tool was used to move the nostrils in, leaving duplicated details. You can easily find hires copies of the original ( and it doesn’t have that editing. Not only are they promoting a silly conspiracy theory, they’re faking evidence to do it.

  • cry4turtles

    The saddest part-people are believing this shit. I have a little more faith in humans than I do godz, but not much.

  • “Not only are they promoting a silly conspiracy theory, they’re faking evidence to do it.”

    Well, maybe. Then again, perhaps they’re too incurious to check to see if the images are genuine. Or, they’re too stupid to see it if someone pointed it out. Or, and most likely, they hate President Black-O-Perp so much that they’ve fried their higher order brainparts and no longer use anything but their brainstems.

  • 24fps

    There is a slight difference – but it is just camera angle. The current photo was taken with a lower camera angle, looking slightly up at Obama’s face. The old photo is a higher angle, shooting downward. You can make someone look quite different with a camera angle.

    There is also, as has been mentioned, a difference in weight – he’s thinner in the old photo. But there certainly isn’t enough difference to warrant a claim of rhinoplasty.

  • Well, he is traveling on RomneyForce One.

    Gilbert said Obama “needed the Kenyan father fairy tale to misdirect the public away from the fact that he is a red diaper baby, the child of a Communist Party USA propagandist and Soviet agent.”

    So we finally have it! Obama faked the birth certificate controversy so that (only) the rightwingnuts will whip themselves up into a frenzy and hide the real truth that he was a gay, CIA operative in Pakistan working for the Red Army.

    Makes sense when you put together a birth certificate, 2 and 2, Orly Taitz, Trump’s hair into a sack of marbles.

    The sack you just lost

  • valhar2000

    Come on! The pictures show that he has the same nose he’s ever had! Can’t these people at least doctor the photos, or something? They’re lazy as well as stupid.

  • If they could prove Obama was Malcolm X’s kid they’d then go on to argue, based on some obscure bit of the Constitution they’d misinterpret, that X being a Muslim meant he wasn’t a legit American citizen.