Jeffress: God Will Punish Us No Matter What

Right Wing Watch catches Robert Jeffress from the Southern Baptist Convention contradicting himself on Mormonism and the election. During the Republican primary he repeatedly called Mormonism a cult and said that if we elected Romney president it would invite God’s judgement on the country:


And now that Romney is the nominee, he says that not voting for Romney will bring God’s judgement on the country:


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  • Sounds about right. Elect Romney, and God afflicts us with four years of Romney. Elect Obama, and God will smite us with four years of Obama.

  • Looks like Romney’s not the only one using the Etch-A-Sketch to make up his mind.

  • roggg

    A bit of a judgmental prick, this god fellow eh?

  • sunsangnim

    Now every time I hear somebody say something stupid, I hear that little musical motif from Right Wing Watch in my head. Similarly, when I see something in Comic Sans font, I expect it be something stupid.

  • Now, look, as long as he sticks to the Four Shibboleth (Anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-environmentalism, anti-evolution*), he’s close enough (and, being Romeny, at any one time at least one of his positions is the correct one). Remember, as the Lord said, “Narrow is the path to righteousness. Well, not too narrow. Just hate the same people my father hates, and you’re golden, okay?”

    And, hey, it’s better than the Muslim, amirite?

  • Michael Heath

    I wonder where Mr. Jeffress learned to promote a position convenient in a particular moment of time but contradictory to a past position? I wonder why such behavior isn’t cause for dismissal?

    At least in the near-term, we’ll always have hypocritical idiots incapable of promoting consistent positions. The real sin here is that Jeffress won’t be ostracized for such behavior. So we need to also indict the sheeple promote such behavior in themselves and their leaders rather than effectively condemn such within in their midst.

  • dingojack

    Anyone got a alternativve link to the first vid?*



    * The first is just showing ‘Http/1.1 Service Unavailable’

  • Trebuchet

    I keep wondering how folks like Billy/Franklin Graham and Jefress will react when/if Romney loses. I’m guessing Mormonism will once again become a dangerous cult (and I happen to agree with them on that) and blame Romney for turning the country over to the evil Mooslim once again.

  • dingojack

    OK the ante-penultimate one:

    Intrade yesterday

    Winner of the 2012 Presidential election

    (figures in parentheses are moves, in percentage points, over the last week)

    Winner by party

    Democratic: 61.876% (up 0.8373) [Lead 23.952]

    Republican: 37.924% (down 0.9370)

    other: 0.200% (up 0.0997)

    Head-to-head match-up

    Obama: 61.900% (up 0.900) [Lead 23.800]

    Romney: 38.100% (down 0.900)

    Likely result on election day (assuming current trends continue):

    Democratic Party: 62.9%

    Republican Party: 37.1%

    Obama: 61.9%

    Romney 38.1%

    One week to go!


  • StevoR

    Looks like Romnesia is contagious maybe?

  • raven

    Jeffres’ religion is just evolving. And quite rapidly at that.

    There is no direction in evolution so his can quite easily evolve backwards. A few years from now, Mormonism may well be a Fake Xian Cult again.

    One of the more constant traits of religions like his rarely changes though. The need and desire for huge quantities of money from his followers.

  • raven

    Religious Bigotry & Mitt Romney | National Catholic Reporter

    ncronline. org/ blogs/distinctly-catholic/religious-bigotry-mitt-romney

    10 Oct 2011 – Pastor Jeffress is, as Bottum wondered, as fiercely anti-Catholic in his bigotry as he is anti-Mormon. On his show “Pathway to Victory,” Jeffress …

    Jeffress is also a notorious anti-Catholic bigot.

    Or was. Paul Ryan is Catholic.

    I guess Jeffress hates whoever will get him the most money.

    I’ve watched the vaguely humanoid toad fundie xian leaders for a while now. It always looks like they don’t believe any of what they babble on about. It’s just a cover for the human drives for money, power, and sex.

  • Trebuchet

    @Raven, #11:

    A few years from now, Mormonism may well be a Fake Xian Cult again.

    I don’t think it’ll take a few years. I give them about eight days. As soon as Romney loses, the Mormon-blaming will start.

  • blf

    I keep wondering how folks … will react when/if Romney loses.

    Rmoney really won but the gay commie atheist fascist sooperninja mooslins Obama and the UN imported under the cover of FEMA-created superstorm Sandy stole it.

  • Trebuchet

    @#14: You left out ACORN!

  • jnorris

    I believe Robert Jeffress and the Southern Baptist Convention are God’s punishment on the USA for having people like Robert Jeffress and organizations like the Southern Baptist Convention in the USA. Its called reap what you sow.

  • marcus

    @9 dingo

    fivethirtyeight is calling it 73 to 27 for an Obama win. I might be buying me some Intrade!