Anti-Equality Groups Use Dishonest Ads

With marriage equality amendments on the ballot in four states next week, the anti-equality advocates are putting nearly identical commercials on the air claiming that if it’s legalized “gay marriage will be taught to your kids.” And all the ads feature David Parker, a Massachusetts father who threw a massive temper tantrum over the mere mention in his child’s class that some kids have gay parents. Here’s a mashup of those commercials showing the identical message:


All of this relies on the semantic ambiguity in the claim that schools will “teach gay marriage” to children. What does that even mean? That they’re going to teach kids that they should get married to someone of the same sex? Of course not. What drives these people out of their minds is the idea that their kids might actually see gay people, and their children, as human beings. It’s the mere mention of their existence that sends them into fits of apoplexy.

And David Parker, by the way, is a weapons grade bigot who claims that gay people are “diseased” (he later tried to walk that back, saying he thinks they’re addicted to gay sex and get more addicted every time they have sex — never mind that nearly any gay person will tell you that they knew they were gay long before they ever actually had sex).

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  • If acknowledging the right to do something means that we get to teach it to your children in public schools, you’d think we would have jumped all over the with Lawrence v. Texas.

    Just saying.

  • the = that. Oops.

  • Canadian Yankee

    All of this relies on the semantic ambiguity in the claim that schools will “teach gay marriage” to children. What does that even mean?

    Part of Parker’s whole beef is that he wanted to be notified in advance of any time that the topic of same-sex parents was to be raised in class by anyone. Given that there were kids in the class that had same-sex parents, the school took the entirely reasonable position that they could not possibly give a warning ahead of time if kids might mention their own parents in a classroom discussion.

    So that’s part of the definition of “teach gay marriage” – to Parker, that includes “kids talking about their own parents”.

  • eric

    What drives these people out of their minds is the idea that their kids might actually see gay people, and their children, as human beings.

    I think that’s most of it but not all of it. Government imprimatur for an activity does influence people’s opinion of it. Simply by the government saying gay marriage is legally okay, more people are likely to personally view it as moral. IMO this same subtle influence is the reason why more liberals don’t actively oppose US overseas miltary expeditions: there is a tendency to believe that if the government’s doing it, then many smart people must have thought it through, and therefore it must be okay.

    Even adults sometimes have a hard time distingishing legal from moral in their minds. (Or maybe phrased better: we have a hard time distinguishing arguments for legality from arguments for moral acceptability in our minds.) For a kid, the idea that there may be different criteria for those two things is going to be even more difficult to grasp. They are going to be more easily swayed by authority.

    In reality, we should probably to a better educational job of teaching ALL our kids that just because the government allows something doesn’t mean you have to personally view it as moral. Whether they are bigots or not, conservative or liberal, no kid should really be accepting an action is okay “because the government says its okay.”

  • Michael Heath

    Conservative Christians and their churches’ increasing inability to falsely deny they’re bigots coupled to their increasingly visible hypocrisy regarding the biblical New Covenant’s 2nd commandment are the primary motivations they’re so strident about this issue. They need gays back in the closet or least marginalized by the government based on their holy dogma as it stands now in most states. Though this stridency is coming down since reaching its height in 2004. It will become increasingly difficult for conservative Christians to continue to discriminate against gay people and their families while simultaneously and falsely maintaining their discrimination is not bigotry.

    This has me pondering a question. The more gays come out and demand their rights, the more heroic their movement becomes. Their progress has been astonishingly quick relative to past groups’ fight for equal liberty rights. So why have tens of millions of adult females submitted to the bigotry of their churches against them and their daughters?

    From my perspective this is a gigantic moral failure by these conservative Christian women. I also wonder why non-conservative Christian women aren’t more vociferously critical of these conservative Christian women? Especially because conservative Christian women are the lynch-pin in denying tens of millions of women in this country inadequate access to health care, including not just access to abortion on-demand and birth control, but suppression of an extended array of reproductive health care services, including abortion when the health and even life of the mother is threatened.

  • Don’t believe Ed Brayton! He lies! It’s a fact: when they legalized so-called “gay” marriage here in Canada, the government schools immediately began teaching so-called “gay” marriage classes, indoctrinating our kids and forcing them to look forward to a dreamy and fabulous wedding ceremony!

    And don’t get me started on them replacing Home Economics with Homo Economics, and Sex-Ed(*1) to Homogaymansex-Ed(*2)

    *1. Which shouldn’t even be taught in schools, as it’s the parents job to not teach their own kids how to not have sex until marriage. But not gay marriage!

    *2. Chapter 1: Sodomy, Chapter 2: Sodomy, Chapter 3…

  • Chiroptera

    Anti-Equality Groups Use Dishonest Ads

    Well, to be fair to the anti-equality groups, dishonesty is pretty much all they have to work with.

  • macallan

    *2. Chapter 1: Sodomy, Chapter 2: Sodomy, Chapter 3…

    Damn you, now I have the Sodomy song from Meet The Feebles stuck in my head again.

  • kermit.

    Michael Heath: So why have tens of millions of adult females submitted to the bigotry of their churches against them and their daughters?

    Stockholm syndrome. That’s not all of it, but they are held hostage from infancy to adulthood, and by then they are largely committed and set in their ways.

    It also takes a fair amount of courage to leave your family behind and strike off on your own, and until recently it was quite dangerous (and is still so in much of the world). This is often required to reject any basic tenet of a fundamentalist religion. And demanding respect from those around you when they don’t respect you isn’t going to work; they often have to leave for that reason.

  • 2. Chapter 1: Sodomy, Chapter 2: Sodomy, Chapter 3…

    That’s just what I’m saying. We actually acknowledged that it’s legal to commit sodomy back in 2003, and sodomy didn’t make it into the textbooks then. What makes people think gay marriage is going to get it into them now, especially given what they say about how often sex– sodomistic or otherwise– occurs after marriage?

  • thalwen

    I’m in Maryland and I’ve seen those ads. They come across as really sad and pathetic. Then again when I hear “teaching gay marriage in schools,” I imagine a teacher acknowledging that gay people exist, not a practical course.

  • jeremydiamond

    Anti-equality groups use dishonest ads.

    Mitt Romney, on abortion, uses at-odds ads.