Help Keep Skepticon Alive

I just got word that Skepticon, which is scheduled for next weekend, is in danger of not happening. Through some sort of miscommunication, they just found out that the much larger venue they booked this year (last year’s was way too small for the number of people) is going to cost them a lot more than they thought. They need to do some emergency fundraising fast or they’re going to have to cancel the event. This is a free event, the only of its kind, but if every person who is going just gives $5, it will be enough to solve the problem. I’m going to donate at least $100, in addition to the table Freethought Blogs has purchased, but they need a lot more than that. So if you’re going, or if you just want to help keep this great event alive, I’m asking you to give a little bit. You can click on the link here to do so. It doesn’t have to be a big amount, just five or ten bucks will make a huge difference.

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