My Rational Wiki Entry

Someone mentioned my Rational Wiki entry, which I did not know existed until then. There isn’t much to it and it’s mostly accurate, but this caught my eye:

Brayton and Myers were also the two main founders of the collective, though Ed and his readers have a long-standing (though very cordial) feud with PZ Myers and his readers.

That’s not really accurate. PZ and I did have a feud for a while, about 5 years ago, and it was unfortunately not cordial at all. I called him names, he called me names, and I really wish it hadn’t happened. It was over our approach to atheism, where I am generally considered more moderate in my tone than he is (though that would come as a surprise to those who see me as a bomb-throwing ideologue). As is so often the case in such disputes, it’s easy to get lost in the fight when it’s in text. Once we met in person, we got along just fine and put all that behind us. It was all kind of silly. We’re going to agree 99% of the time, why fight over the 1%?

Freethought Blogs also has an entry and I found this passage to be quite amusing:

The vlogger Thunderf00t briefly joined Freethought Blogs in summer 2012, but was quickly fired after repeatedly and somewhat incoherently blogging that those pushing for protection for women at atheist/skeptic events were wrong, or overreacting, or whatever. The vocal group of FtB anti-fans gleefully took this as another confirmation that FtB isn’t about free thought at all because something-something-something-evo-psych-something girls are stinky.

Well said!

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