Skepticon Goes On

A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to help keep Skepticon alive over the last few days. They raised about $6000 in relatively short order and, based on what I sent and what many of you said you were sending, this blog’s readers were probably between 5 and 10% of that amount. I can’t think you all enough. And I can’t wait to see those who are attending. Come by the Freethought Blogs table. The t-shirts are $18, but the hugs and the conversation are free.

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  • JT Eberhard

    Hell yeah! I’ll be there with bells on.

  • neXus



    WE DID IT!

    Skepticon is fully funded for this year!

    Well done everyone! 😀

  • Rising Ape

    Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster! I’ll be there with my pirate hat on.

  • thebookofdave

    Whew! I was sweating that one a bit. Next year, can we pass the hat a little further in advance?