What We Have to Look Forward To

Now that Obama has won reelection, the right wing would like you to know what you have to look forward to and Salon.com has a roundup of their most amusing predictions. I’ve already noted a lot of these in my blog over the last few months, so they won’t come as much of a surprise. But here are my favorites:

Hunted Down Like Dogs. Joseph Farah, who leads the far-right, conspiracy-mongering website WorldNetDaily, is under no delusions about his fate. “If [Obama is] re-elected, it’s gonna be war,” said Farah, who swears he saw a drone surveilling his Northern Virginia property. “We will be hunted down like dogs.”

Um. Who hunts down dogs? We use dogs to hunt other things.

One Thousand Years of Darkness. In a video posted on YouTube, tough-guy actor Chuck Norris and his wife, Gena, warn of “socialism or something much worse.” Quoting a 1964 speech by Ronald Reagan, Gena says: “We will preserve for our children this last best hope for man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into 1,000 years of darkness.”

The only thing scarier would be a revival of Norris’ “acting” career. Or worse, his “singing” career. In case you’ve never heard the theme for Walker, Texas Ranger, which he “sang,” here it is. Stephen Hawking has more vocal range as a singer and emotional range as an actor.


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