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As the number of clubs for atheist and freethinking students continues to grow around the country, Alabama has finally gotten its very first, the Auburn High School Freethinkers’ Club in Birmingham. It took two years, though, because the administration tried to block its formation. And here’s the predictable response from some of the schoolmates:

Regardless, Duncan got death threats from fellow students:

“One threatened to shoot me and every other atheist with a shotgun.”

Duncan and his family ultimately decided it wasn’t a serious threat and didn’t report it. But then there was the time a classmate tried to choke Duncan.

“I kinda kicked him, and he never touched me again,” he says matter-of-factly.

The former principal of the school tried to prevent the formation of the club, but the new principal supports it even though he’s a Christian:

Things have calmed down and the club is established, thanks partly to principal Dr. Todd Freeman, the club’s sponsor.

Freeman says, “Our kids have a right to meet. And they have a right to establish a club, and it’s not my prerogative to necessarily agree or disagree with positions of clubs, but it is my prerogative and responsibility to make sure they have the right to have the club. I could see where there would be resistance, but it’s not really a question because it’s law.”

Then Freeman, who happens to be a devout Christian, adds, “Duncan knows my particular spiritual beliefs as a Christian and so do his mom and dad, whom we have a great relationship with, and work very well with. They’re just very nice folks.”

Good for him.

"My go-to is to read Matthew 6:5-6 about not praying in public."

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