Explaining the Rainbow

Apparently there was a rainbow that appeared in New York after the hurricane went through last week. A rational person would find this neither surprising nor necessary to explain — when the sun comes out after it rains, you get rainbows — but David Jesse, a “men’s ministry speaker,” wrote an article at the Christian Post called Making Sense of the Rainbow Across NYC After Superstorm Sandy. His explanation is exactly as ridiculous as you might imagine:

An image came across my computer screen on Tuesday morning that reminded me of the love expressed by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26) and that Apostle Peter speaks of in 2 Peter 3:9. It was a picture of New York City on the morning after the devastating floods of Hurricane Sandy. As the sun rose, God placed a rainbow above the skyline of the city. As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of what the rainbow symbolizes…

So on Tuesday morning, God reminded Himself of His promise never to flood the entire earth again. He reminded Himself that His love and mercy must prevail; that He longs to give humanity another chance.

Wait. He was reminding himself? Is he forgetful? Does he not remember what he supposedly said a few thousand years ago? Does he have (very) late-onset Alzheimer’s?

That image of the rainbow above New York City was contrasted in my mind with other images from the night before of the World Trade Center site being overwhelmed as the waters from Sandy surged over the island of Manhattan…

So again, as I was watching the video of the floodwaters pouring into the Ground Zero site, I was fearful and saddened by our continuous refusal to understand that these events are continuing to happen as a result of God’s love and mercy and desire to see us repent, so that a greater tragedy and judgment is averted.

This is such a bizarre conception of God, though entirely consistent with the Bible. It’s God as an abusive husband who alternates between beating his wife and telling her how much he loves her and he wouldn’t have to keep beating her if she would just do what he tells her to do. Praise the lord? No thanks.

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