Obama Used Clooney to Hook Women Voters

As the wingnuts continue to be absolutely baffled that President Obama was reelected, their explanations for how that could have happened are getting more and more absurd. Joseph Farah and the leaders of the American Family Association know why women voted for Obama — because George Clooney told them to.

Vitagliano: They said ‘what Hollywood star do women love’ and they found that they love overwhelmingly George Clooney, so what they did is they went and got George Clooney to have a dinner with President Obama and then they had a big fundraiser and they said to women, ‘if you want to have dinner with George Clooney and President Obama here is how much you pay per plate for this big fundraiser.’ They did the same thing in the east with Sarah Jessica Parker, who was a beloved icon of many women. So what they did, and it’s brilliant even while cynical, is they hooked women to Obama through these Hollywood stars. These women were saying well ‘George Clooney loves President Obama,’ and a fair number of them I’m guessing said, ‘so I love President Obama,’ and the same thing with Sarah Jessica Parker. That to me, and this is obviously an overstatement, that to me is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned that when they were hoping for a well-informed electorate being advised of the issues and studying the issues, no, what we’ve devolved to is ‘I love George Clooney, George Clooney loves President Obama, therefore I love President Obama.’

Farah: That’s right. We think these decisions that America made on Election Day every four years or every two years but they’re really not; how does George Clooney become this icon to women? How does Sarah Jessica Parker become an icon? That’s the culture that is operating 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s bombarding us with these immoral, unprincipled, unconstitutional, ungodly ideals. That has an effect. You can’t deny that it has an effect. Who is speaking for God in our culture? Who is standing up for God in our culture? Who is standing up for the Constitution in our culture? Is it being taught in our law schools? Come on, it hasn’t been for years.

Right. Because women obviously can’t think for themselves, they’re slaves to their physical attractions. It can’t possibly have anything to do with Republican policies or anything.

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  • eric

    Yeah, I’m sure the choice to have Clint Eastwood speak at the GOP convention had nothing whatsoever to do with his film popularity.

  • dingojack

    These are the folks that the PoG seriously listen to when they give advice (between kissing thier rings), and Republican Party wonders why they’ve got a gender gap problem.



  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Keep digging, Repubs, just keep digging that hole.

    Wasn’t one of the reasons that Dan Quayle was chosen was his supposed attractiveness to women? Don’t conservatives constantly harp on how cute Paul Ryan is?

  • Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Wait – does he mean is the constitution being taught in law schools? B/c that is one of the weirdest non-sequiturs I’ve seen in a while.

    Starring in a movie = forbidden from advocating in the political arena

    considering the endorsement of a famous person whom you like but does not have expertise in politics = invalid action of a voter

    Yes, yes I’m sure that the founding fathers meant for one of those constitutional clauses to shut down political advocacy based on occupation and invalidate voters’ opinions (and votes?) b/c they were made partly on the basis of endorsements. Wasn’t that the third amendment? You hear so little about the third amendment these days. It’s like its requirement to shut down Hollywood is being deliberately obscured by those limousine liberals!

  • Crip Dyke, MQ, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Atually I don’t know why I didn’t say this the first time, but Farah makes it even worse: He seems to indicate that fame is unconstitutional…or at least the fame of anyone he doesn’t like. This is as bizarre and deranged as anything I’ve ever seen out of Farah.

    Yes, I said out of Farah.


  • Eliciting political support from people via their physical attractions is bad.

    Which is why the Republican party places conservative women, made up and coiffed within an inch of their lives, on pedestals and trumpets how much more attractive they are than anything the Democrats produce.

    I see.

  • Attention, Freethought Blogs shoppers, we have some AFA projection vomit in aisle #3. A clean-up crew is on the way. Thank you for your patience.

  • cry4turtles

    I can’t do ANYTHING without George’s directives.

  • Romney and Ryan lost this election all on their own.

  • brucecoppola

    They must have just read the current Time mag article on how the Obama campaign worked. Yes, they did use dinner with Clooney as a fundraising gimmick, aimed at females, as reported in Time. But it’s hardly been a deep dark sinister secret. I was getting emails about it from the campaign, being on a number of lefty mailing lists. And I’m a guy.

    Deranged and clueless.

  • how does George Clooney become this icon to women?

    Am I reading too much into this to think Farah is speculating that Clooney’s entire career was orchestrated to re-elect Barack Obama?

  • Our pink lady brains can’t handle decisions when there are hunky guys in the room (though I note I don’t find George Clooney attractive. Chris Hemsworth however… mhmh.)

  • machintelligence

    Grasping at straws, much?

  • Amethyst Starling

    See, here I was, thinking I was voting on the issues, when really it was subconsciously my nonattraction to George Clooney that caused me to vote against Romney. Nope, couldn’t be anything like the issues, must be the devilshly handsome Clooney…

  • Actually, Twittledee and Twittledum there are close to the truth. Women, and men to be truthful, did vote for Obama based on a celebrity endorsement. However, it wasn’t George Clooney or Sarah Jessica Parker that was the pivital endorsement. It was the endorsement of Hypnotoad, that changed the election. ALL GLORY TO HYPNOTOAD, AND VOTE OBAMA.

  • marcus

    Katherine @ 12 So obviously being able to act wasn’t a prerequisite for your numiness award.:)

  • @holytape:


  • @marcus:

    Nope. Chris Hemsworth is devilishly handsome and that smile and… *girlish sigh*

    George Clooney looks like my dad.

  • I love how the Republicans talk about appealing to women as though it’s some kind of low blow. You can almost hear the subvocalised “they’re not even supposed to get a vote!” lurking behind their complaints.

  • Chiroptera

    Ed: Because women obviously can’t think for themselves….

    Yeah, I also noticed that basically said, “Jesus, we have such contempt for women.”

    I mean, how often can they repeat this until Republican women finally figure out, “Holy shit! These people despise me!”

  • dingojack

    holytape – Well at least it wasnt that Crazy Frog character.

    (Now try getting that monstrousity outta your head).

    😉 Dingo

  • I mean, how often can they repeat this until Republican women finally figure out, “Holy shit! These people despise me!”

    Well, first they’ll have to stop agreeing with it…

  • paul

    Scarlett Johansen called to tell me to vote for Obama. She never calls me about anything else anymore. 🙁

  • I don’t know about no “HYPNOTOAD”, but maybe that Farahfeller is from Toad Suck, AR and has sucked on a few too many of these:


    Otoh, considering Pornstache Joe’s, hard, unyielding, penetrating and lasting WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than four hours hatred for teh GAY, one’s gotta wonder if Toadsucking is what he’s really interested in.

  • Christoph Burschka

    When you think about it, this isn’t just an idle and amusing conspiracy theory. It reveals the fundamental character of the GOP – and the actual reason it’s haemorrhaging female voters.

    Namely, the belief that women are idiots.

    Apparently this position doesn’t play well with women.


  • But.. but… It’s not as if the Republicans didn’t use celebrity endorsements. They had Clint Eastwood up on stage at their convention not just shilling for Romney on the campaign trail. They had *lots* of celebrities rooting for their team. There are websites full of pictures of celebrities who endorsed Romney/Ryan. Are they really complaining because the men who came out in support of Romney were not hott enough?

  • cactusren

    I wonder how these clowns would feel if an actor were to take advantage of his fame (from all that cultural saturation), and run for president. They would be OUTRAGED by that, right? Right?

  • frog

    Meanwhile, my lefty-lefty friend Rachel classifies Clint Eastwood as an OGIF (old guy I’d fuck), but that didn’t make her vote Republican.

    I’m surprised they’re not crediting Sarah Jessica Parker with getting out the gay vote. I guess even these idiots can’t pretend that they ever stood a chance at getting a lot of gay people to vote for them. (Or more likely, they don’t want the gay vote because that would be icky.)

    My question is, why was fairly conservative channel CMT showing all the old episodes of Roseanne with George Clooney the week before the election? Fifth column! Fifth column!

  • iknklast

    Don’t you see how insidious that is? After all, Clooney comes across as a sensitive type of individual (read: sissy); he’s also a non-believer. Whereas Norris and Eastwood (and, of course Nugent) are real manly men, which is what women want. By using Clooney, the Dems have tricked women into thinking that it’s OK to be attracted to a man who isn’t going to see you solely as a sex object, and might not use his fists when you get out of line. Disgusting. An attack on men, for sure. (sarcasm)

  • Farah is just mad that the washed up never-weres he has writing for WingNutDaily don’t have enough charisma to attract flies, much less get anyone to consider voting for Romney. Sure, celebrities attract attention but it takes a special contempt for women to think that they mistook Clooney for Obama.

  • Michael Heath

    It’s absurdly funny watching conservatives attempt to promote the Republican party to black people, which has them presuming black people can’t distinguish policies which are harmful to the country and them. However I resent watching them utilize the same condescending behavior towards women who don’t support the GOP.

    That’s because the GOP and conservative Christian churches have long been successful at keeping their females, possessive intended, in the flock; in spite of falsely and hatefully asserting females are fundamentally more defective than males and therefore deserve to be discriminated against. So I empathize with these wingnuts regarding their false presumption women in general would be so idiotically submissive; especially given how that same behavior is a general attribute of conservative Christian women when it comes to at least religion, politics, and child-rearing.

  • Nancy New, Queen of your Regulatory Nightmare

    Just like women were supposed to vote Republican because Dan Quatle was so hot– WAAAAAAAY back in the day?

    Perhaps this explains why the redublicans think men should make decisions for women–if this is their understanding (or rather belief) in the intellectual capabilities of “the weaker sex” (excuse me while I quell my riswing gorge), no wonder!

  • thalwen

    Well I was going to vote for Romney because he promised to take away my rights, make sure I didn’t get equal pay, deny me the right to marry the person of my choosing… but then I saw Clooney and I just got the vapours and was so overcome that I just had to vote for Obama.

    And yes, I can personally vouch that the Constitution is being taught in law schools. It just happens to be the U.S. Constitution not the Jesusified Constitution of Imaginarystan that Farah is talking about.

  • ImaginesABeach

    The attractiveness of Obama’s supporters didn’t influence me half as much as the ugliness of Romney’s supporters.

  • Dennis N

    they love overwhelmingly George Clooney

    I don’t mean to be petty, but I will be anyway. That split infinitive was painful to read.

  • greg1466

    Now it makes perfect sense! Just think of the star power that got behind the GOP…Chuck Norris, Victoria Jackson and Ted Nugent. Oh wait. I think we just discovered why only delusional people vote Republican.

  • valhar2000

    Well, Thalwen, don’t feel bad. I myself feel a twinge of negrophilia whenever I see Obama. Honestly, I blame Eminem for teaching me that Rap is cooler than Country.

  • Shorter Farah:

    “It’s not fair that George Clooney and SJ Parker have greater appeal than Kid Rock and that lady from Northern Exposure! *Pout!*”

  • paul

    I don’t mean to be petty, but I will be anyway. That split infinitive was painful to read.

    “To go where no man has gone before, boldly” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • And who’d have thought that a group of resentful old white men, with resentful old attitudes towards Hollywood, the youth, women and minorities, would have trouble appealing to Hollywood, the youth, women and minorities?

  • tassilo

    … because if women had any brains at all, they wouldn’t be persuaded to vote for Obama by George Clooney. The smart women who voted for Romney know they are sluts when they practice birth control, they know they can control pregnancy when they get raped, if they only wanted to, and in any case, they are just asking for it. It’s all in the constitution, you know.

  • sawells

    @35: But if you read it as “Overwhelmingly George” Clooney, it sounds like a fairly badass nickname 🙂

  • John Hinkle

    What they’re saying is that democrats can’t win on ideas and platform, they have to resort to manipulative tricks. They just can’t come to grips with people liking health care and jobs more than opposing The Ghey Marriage or women’s reproductive choices.


    Who is speaking for God in our culture? Who is standing up for God in our culture?

    These numbnuts haven’t been keeping up with current events. They are the ones speaking for God. More and more people, though, have figured out that it’s not God’s voice they hear, but that of Bond-style super villain bigots.

  • caseloweraz

    Gvlgeologist, FCD wrote: “Wasn’t one of the reasons that Dan Quayle was chosen was his supposed attractiveness to women? Don’t conservatives constantly harp on how cute Paul Ryan is?”

    And don’t voices within the GOP periodically claim that it has much hotter women than the Democrats do? Therefore, they ought to be able to “hook” enough male voters to make up for the alleged “Clooney effect.” (Yes, this is uncommon and I think such voices are quietly told to stop — but they’re not told before speaking, only afterward.)

    And besides, per GOP claims from 2008, I thought Obama himself was enough to have women swooning all over the place.

  • fastlane

    Yet, these are the same morons who also go on about how ‘fat’ and ugly Michelle Obama is. In reality, Mrs. Obama is one of the most attractive first ladies the US has had in a long time. Certainly at least since Jackie O. Wait, she was also a democrat, wasn’t she?

  • I’m off to the store to get a new irony meter after that “well-informed electorate” comment. This from the party who’s only recourse is to create a bubble of lies in which to envelop their followers.

  • slc1