The Perfect Place for a Nativity Scene

After the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened to sue Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, the leaders of that city are doing the right thing — moving the display to private property, where it belongs. On the grounds of a former church, in fact.

There won’t be a Nativity display in front of the Ellwood City Municipal Building this year. But if Joe Bellissimo gets his way, the popular depiction of Jesus Christ’s birth will be just about everywhere else in town.

The attorney and restaurant owner plans to cast the first creche in front of the former St. Agatha’s church, along Fifth Street in Ellwood City. The church, which closed more than four years ago, is now owned by Bellissimo and Gene Dimeo.

The two are planning to unveil a community Nativity display at 2 p.m., Dec. 2 at the site.

“The backdrop is going to be a perfect fit,” Bellissimo said.

They’re also encouraging others to put up nativity scenes at their homes and businesses. And I think that’s great. That’s exactly where they belong.

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