Geller Finds Real Reason for Petraeus Resignation

The sudden resignation of the CIA Director, Gen. David Petraeus, after reports of his affair with a journalist, has provoked lots of speculation, especially on the right, about the real reason he stepped down. Many have focused on an upcoming hearing about the attack in Benghazi at which he was supposed to testify. Pam Geller thinks that’s it, but has an amusing conspiracy theory:

I do not believe that the real reason was an extramarital affair. I believe it was Benghazi. He refused to be the fall guy. When did an affair ever stop a Democrat. If anything….

Perhaps one of Obama’s many Muslim Brotherhood advisors are on the shortlist to replace him.

Yes, of course. That must be it. Look, it would not surprise me at all if this was leaked on purpose or that Petraeus was essentially forced to resign; that kind of backstabbing and intrigue are routine in Washington, especially in the intelligence community. And it may well have had something to do with Benghazi (it’s clear now that the facility under attack there was not just a diplomatic outpost, it was also a secret CIA prison and interrogation facility). But the idea that this was done to put in place a CIA director that is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? That just fucking nuts.

"Right up there with The Lair of the White Witch?"

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