Shirvell Wants Unemployment Benefits

Remember a couple years ago when Andrew Shirvell, then an assistant attorney general for the state of Michigan, was fired for misuse of state computers and stalking a student leader at the University of Michigan? Now he’s in a fight with the state over whether he’s eligible for unemployment benefits.

Subsequently, Shirvell was fired from his job and denied unemployment benefits because he was let go due to misconduct. He also lost in a federal court in August when a jury reached a verdict in Armstrong’s favor, awarding him $4.5 million.

In October, a judge ruled in Shirvell’s favor in a lawsuit he filed to get unemployment benefits. She declared his actions toward Armstrong “constitutionally-protected freedom of speech.” Now officials in Michigan want that decision reversed.

Much of what he said clearly was constitutionally protected freedom of speech, but a federal court has already found him liable for stalking and he was fired because he was using state computers to harass the guy while he was working. I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t be considered being fired for cause.

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