Keeping the Sabbeth Holy

This cracks me up. The Oklahoma legislature passed a bill to put a Ten Commandments monument on the state capitol grounds and it was installed recently. Unfortunately — or fortunately, for us — they misspelled two words on the monument.

But before state Rep. Mike Ritze (R), who sponsored the initial bill and whose family donated $10,000 to fund the project, worries about fielding a suit from the state’s American Civil Liberties Union, he first needs to deal with spelling errors, The Oklahoman reports.

The rose-stone block reads “Sabbeth” instead of “Sabbath.”

And at its base, the tenth commandment reads, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidseruent.” It should read “maidservant.”

“It’s a simple fix,” Ritze told The Oklahoman. “Scrivener’s errors or misspellings are not uncommon with monument manufacturing.”

Uh, no. They’re not. They might be in an initial run, but for it to be delivered and installed that way is just plain incompetence. Of course, the thing shouldn’t be there at all. The placement of such monuments is just a case of fundamentalist Christians marking their territory. But it isn’t their territory, it’s ours too.

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