Dobson and Nance: God Said No

As I discussed many times prior to the election, there were a whole bunch of prayer rallies, most of them lasting 40 days, to beg God to release the country from the grip of Obama’s tyrannical reign. And yet none of them worked; Obama won anyway. James Dobson and Penny Nance say God did answer prayer, he just said no.

Dobson: Many, many, many Christians were praying and we really need to address that issue first: where was God? Because there were these ’40 Days of Prayer,’ there were several of those that took place, where people fasted and prayed for forty days asking the Lord for His intervention on Election Day. We did a program last week where my wife Shirley came in with her vice-chairman John Bornschein and told how three hundred Gideon prayer warriors came to Washington, went to every single office of the House of Representatives and the Senate and prayed for the occupant, prayed for our representatives, went to the White House, went in a vigil to the Supreme Court, which is now at great risk, and went to the Pentagon. People like that were praying all over this country and the Lord said no.

Nance: He said no.

But didn’t Jesus say that whenever two or more ask something of him, it will be done? Yep, he did. But he apparently didn’t mean it. And how was God supposed to make this happen? Was he going to go all Svengali on people and forcibly change their mind? Whatever happened to free will? Fundamentalists simply cannot grasp or admit that the things they believe about prayer are completely incoherent and inconsistent. And they eliminate the cognitive dissonance this creates by inventing post hoc rationalizations of what it all means. Like this:

Dobson: Because we lost this election does not mean that the Lord has turned His back on us. I think this is a time of judgment but those of us who are trying to serve Him and defend the things that He has taught, may yet see Him act. He said no this time but who knows what will happen in the future. Nobody knows.

Nance: Nothing is too big for God. God can use this President just like He can anyone else, and He has throughout history used people who were not believers and were not followers of the Lord or followers of the God throughout the Bible to do his work, so we will pray to that end and trust the Lord knows what He’s doing, but I’m already looking ahead to 2014.

Yes, you’ll keep praying. And it will change nothing, but no matter what the outcome you will simply invent another post hoc explanation for it. This is how the silly belief in the power of prayer is made invincible to rationality.

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