Fischer: God Sent 9/11 Terrorists

Bryan Fischer joins millions wingnuts in believing that the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center were “agents of God’s wrath.” And it worked, because we now sing “God Bless America” during the 7th inning stretch at baseball stadiums.


It’s God as an abusive husband, using others to come in and beat the hell out of his wife and then telling her “Look, I didn’t want to do that, but you’re not doing what I tell you to do. So you better do what I tell you to do or I’m going to have to beat you up even worse.”

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  • If God is responsible, why hasn’t God been tried and convicted for engaging in war on America and crimes against humanity?

  • Trebuchet

    Bryan Fischer joins millions wingnuts in believing that the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center were “agents of God’s wrath.”

    Which puts him in agreement with Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists themselves. Fischer’s clearly a Muslim. Who knew?

  • Atheists and agnostics are actually more protective of the concept of God than many believers. Though viewed as a figment of the imagination, they rather insist that if he’s any kind of a worthwhile figment, he couldn’t possibly be as bad as Christians make him out to be. Seriously, though, it’s a matter of protecting the notion of goodness from the twisted notions of goodness held by so many believers.

  • Michael Heath

    Dr. X writes:

    Atheists and agnostics are actually more protective of the concept of God than many believers.

    Kinda ironic isn’t it? The primary obstacle here in this country of course is the inability to wave away the evil God does and promises in the Bible. That and the level of authoritarianism within Christianity where those people demonstrate an attraction to the idea of a vengeful god though I think that’s the result of having to confront the evil in the Bible.

  • sinned34

    Attracted to the idea of a vengeful god? When I was a Christian, I remember it being similar to having a burly, abusive big brother or father. Sure, they throw you around and give you the occasional fat lip or black eye, but just you wait until they come to school and put all those kids that ever treated you badly in the hospital.

    Of course, the abuser never actually shows up at school to defend you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t constantly fantasize about the slaughter that would ensue if they did.

  • Michael Heath

    Re sinned34’s post:

    Two related narratives are key aspects to understanding the Bible. One is stories where God’s chosen people are persecuted, with revenge via God on its way. The other related narrative is when God’s chosen people are doing the persecuting, where in that case the victims deserved the harm and even evil done onto them.

    It’s seems obvious to me these two narratives are key conditioners in developing the mindset which has Christians who believe in Hell celebrating a god who promises infinite unimaginable suffering to some people. It also seems to encourage people to think tribally in a way that promotes bigotry, in spite of other contradictory passages which argue the opposite – e.g., good Samaritan, Beatitudes, 2nd commandment of the New Covenant. It seems obvious to me the former easily wins out with conservative Christians, the latter with liberal Christians. All one has to do is follow election results to note the veracity of these two behavioral traits.

  • abear

    The truthers were wrong! It wasn’t big government, it was God that did 911. He was pissed that America elected Bush and lowered taxes. Since Obama has been in power there have been no successful attacks in America and God even sent a hurricane to disrupt the Republican convention and another (Sandy) to help Obama win the election. Proof that God is a Democrat.

  • sinned34

    Michael Heath:

    I’d also consider a third narrative, whereby God’s chosen people turn away from him, and God has to “get their attention back”, usually through heinous ways.

    I’d argue that this is the favorite view of many of the evangelical wing of Christianity: the United States is God’s chosen people (somehow they picked up the mantle from the Jews), but through advancing secularism, the American people have turned their backs on Him, and thus, deserve whatever is coming to them.

  • Does this mean we’re going to waterboard God?

  • marcus

    ” So you better do what I tell you to do or I’m going to have to beat you up even worse.”

    …and then I’ll lock you down in the basement and torture you every day for the rest of your life.


  • If that was god wreaking vengeance on the States because they turned their backs on him, then I’m royally fucked. Here in Scotland 56% of people consider themselves non-religious as opposed to only 35% who say they are (with about 2.5% actually doing anything about it, like go to church).

    I’ll head for the shelter now!

  • God so loves free will that he won’t just reveal himself in order to avoid people going to hell for simply believing the wrong thing, or just make everyone be nice to each other, but hates free will enough to make people go kamikazi on buildings full of people…he truly works in mysterious ways, or something.

  • pacal

    Why do people like Fischer hate America so much?

  • John Hinkle


    Don’t worry about God. God is only focused on the States. In fact, God lives in the States, probably in the suburbs somewhere. God doesn’t like it when people don’t behave the way God wants them to. And when that happens, God wants those people to suffer, because they’re not like him. And they vote the wrong way. And they don’t listen to God’s radio program or send him money. God is very much like a certain human in that regard.

  • dan4

    “…agents of God’s wrath.”

    Even assuming this is true, why do the Bryan Fischer’s of the world think this is a good thing?

  • sunsangnim

    So 3000 lives were sacrificed so we could have a prayer during baseball games? What kind of demented psychopath thinks that’s a reasonable trade?

    Fuck this sadistic piece of shit.