Mabus Arrested for Violating Probation

The Montreal Police have announced that they have once again arrested Dennis Markuze, aka David Mabus, for violating the terms of his probation. He was already arrested and found to have engaged in cyber-stalking and making threats, but he was put on probation with the condition that he stop doing it. As I predicted at the time, he did not stop. I and others have continued to get deluged with his comments and emails full of threats and bizarre diatribes. Maybe this time they’ll take it seriously and institutionalize him. Unfortunately, they turned around and released him again:

In August, Tim Farley, one of the people Markuze admitted to threatening in May, asked Montreal police to investigate but was initially told that, in their opinion, no such order existed. It wasn’t until Farley relayed verbatim sections of Quebec Court Judge Louise Bourdeau’s May 22 judgment to the Montreal police that they finally decided to investigate Markuze again.

“The first part of the battle was convincing the police that there was a (court) order,” Farley said Monday upon learning Markuze had been arrested again. Farley said he believes Markuze used one Twitter account alone more than 8,500 times since Nov. 1.

Farley also said he believes Markuze was behind a series of threatening messages posted on a webcast Farley took part in on Wednesday with a group called Virtual Skeptics. One message read, “the police won’t save you.” Markuze appeared before a judge at the Montreal courthouse on Monday where he was released after agreeing to a series of conditions, including that he not communicate with Farley.

The first time they did this, he got very little psychological treatment. It’s time to lock him up in a mental hospital. It should be quite obvious by now that he isn’t going to stop on his own.

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