The Overwhelming Irony of Roy Moore

The Worldnutdaily did an interview with Roy Moore, who was once again elected to be the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court this month. There’s so much irony in this article that if you sat it on your desk, it would point to the north pole. Like this:

“The Constitution is the rule of law, and [my job is] to uphold is to uphold the rule of law,” he said.

This from the guy who was removed from office for refusing to comply with a federal court order because, he says, “God’s law” supercedes the constitution.

“Without an understanding of God,” he told WND in a recent post-election interview, “you can’t understand the Constitution.” …

Moore, many will remember, was the judge who was removed from the same position he’s now assuming 10 years ago for refusing a federal court’s order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judicial building in Alabama.

He’s explained repeatedly that he has no plans to bring that back, because the monument became a distraction from the real issue: the acknowledgement of God as explained in the national and state constitutions. And he says there’s no possibility of true justice without that.

Ah yes, “true justice.” Like demanding that a lesbian mother be put in jail or put to death because Leviticus says so, which he actually did in an opinion in a custody case that had nothing to do with the mother’s sexual orientation. “True justice” means killing all the people God says to kill.

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  • I wonder whether Moore will get himself sacked again for Constitutional violations, and, if so, when.

  • True Justice[TM] is like True Belief[TM]. It is that which I believe as opposed to what you believe and, as long as I am in charge, I get to impose it on you.

  • Michael Heath

    What’s changed since Moore was last a judge is the near-monolithic and unthinking devotion by conservative Christians to Israel, with the exception of conservative Christian groups whose primary mission is racist, e.g., the KKK. But those overt racist groups are few in number and lack much political power nationwide. This change in fealty is relevant here because Roy Moore, was an open bigot towards Jewish people; even when acting as a judge in an open courtroom. His expressed bigotry was especially directed towards Jewish lawyers representing clients in his court room. This demonstrated bigotry was a finding of fact documented in many of the 10 Commandment related opinions published by courts hearing the Moore controversy.

    So will Mr. Moore continue to promote bigotry towards Jewish people; in spite of not being as politically popular as it once was amongst those who kept his brand alive? My guess is he will avoid anti-Jewish rhetoric but still attack Jews, instead focusing on their being liberals, secularists, and atheists – even when they don’t necessarily identify with those labels.

  • Christoph Burschka

    It appears Mr. Moore is confused. The US Constitution is a text that uses legal language to set down largely unambiguous rules that are backed by real authorities. Unlike the Bible, it does not consist of contradictory apocrypha and vague, metaphorical aphorisms that one can claim to follow without having read. Also not mentioned: God.

  • peterh

    “God as explained in the national and state constitutions…”

    Can’t speak for Alabama, but on my reading of the U S Constitution, I find no mention of any god much less an “explanation” of same.

    Man’s a Basket Case™.

  • thisisaturingtest

    @#5, peterh:

    I have a feeling that by “explained,” Moore means something more like “revealed.” The contradiction between this belief of his and the specific Constitutional article disallowing the establishment (much less the revelations) of religion by the government it does establish seems to be lost on him.

  • matty1

    See, this is why you shouldn’t have elected Judges. They are supposed to know what the law they are upholding actually says and when you allow any Tom, Dick or Roy to run for a seat on the bench you reduce the chance of that. At the very least require candidates to pass some kind of legal literacy test.

  • lancifer


    Your requirement wouldn’t have kept Ol’ Roy out of the Alabama State Supreme Court. He has a law degree.

    Then again, a literacy test that actually required understanding the meaning of the first amendment might have done the trick.

  • Keep in mind he’s probably still using the CSA constitution.

  • pacal

    “Ah yes, “true justice.” Like demanding that a lesbian mother be put in jail or put to death because Leviticus says so, which he actually did in an opinion in a custody case that had nothing to do with the mother’s sexual orientation. “True justice” means killing all the people God says to kill.”

    Actually there is nothing about Lesbianism in Leviticus or it appears in the entire Old Testament. Paul in one of his letters got hot and bothered about Woman on Woman lust but that seems to be about it in the New Testament.

    So if Judge Roy was referring to Leviticus condemning Lesbianism he was wrong it doesn’t.

    It appears that the Old Testament deity looked down on Man on Man action but thought Woman on Woman was hawt!