GrassTops: America Demands Obama Impeachment

This one will leave you scratching your head. Less than two weeks after President Obama was reelected, winning both the popular vote and the electoral vote, a wingnut group called Grasstops USA says that the American people have demanded that Obama be impeached:

“The American people have demanded that Barack Obama be impeached and now, Barack Obama has thrown down his gauntlet and is demanding his own impeachment over the growing Benghazi scandal. So, Mr. Boehner, Mr. McConnell what are you waiting for, it’s time to get busy.”

And by the “American people,” they of course mean their own utterly loony followers. But they’re the only ones who count. They’re the Real Americanstm, not all those dark-skinned people and women who voted for Obama.

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  • Taz

    The American people have demanded that Barack Obama be impeached

    Well sure, that’s why they re-elected him. You can’t impeach someone who’s not in office.

  • sunsangnim

    That’s right. The people re-elected him because the last impeachment scandal was so much fun that they wanted another.

  • “Grasstops” as in smoking too much grass. Not the good stuff, but literally grass — all the brain damage and none of the fun.

  • dingojack

    Why do these ‘grass tops’* want President Joe Biden?



    * I’m guessing they’re only tops when tea bagging someone weaker, other than that …

  • Grasstops: For when you just can’t bear to associate yourself with the plebian grassroots.

  • Jordan Genso

    …Barack Obama has thrown down his gauntlet and is demanding his own impeachment…

    What? The President is demanding that he be impeached? Couldn’t he just resign if he didn’t want the job anymore, or is it some very subtle dog whistle that suggests he would prefer to be fired to collect unemployment insurance?

  • Michael Heath

    I got accosted by an old man in McDonalds the other day about Benghazi. He asked me how the real estate business in our area was doing (he saw me walk over from my office). He then asked me what the effects of Obamacare were going to have on the real estate market. After I answered, ‘not at all but it would help economic growth nationwide than if we’d done nothing’, he used that opportunity to get into to with me about Benghazi.

    Yes, in the Fox News viewers’ eyes, Benghazi is directly tied to how healthcare financing effects real estate. He claimed he was a Korean vet and, “his brothers”, our Libyan Ambassador and the four others who died, were called “bumps in the road” by President Obama. Fortunately I was next to order.

    In fact this term was used by President Obama in a 60 Minutes interview to describe our efforts in general in the broader region and Middle East, he was not referring to the four who died. I then found out that Fox News and some Republicans leveraging Fox News are lying about the what the president said.

    In light of President Bush’s record on Iraq, on torture, prior to 9/11, his record on al Qaeda after 9/11, to go after President Obama (who he of course called “Obama”) for the relatively trivial tragedy in Benghazi compared to the history of presidents in wartime, it’s very illustrative of how hateful and delusional older Republican voters have become. We can thank Fox News, AM talk radio, and viral emails for that. But hey, in early-2009 they were calling for the assassination of President Obama, so I suppose impeachment is moral progress.

  • Didaktylos

    Obviously, anybody who voted for Obama wasn’t a true American.

  • iknklast

    I got accosted by an old man in McDonalds the other day about Benghazi

    That’s what you get for going to McDonald’s!

  • cactusren

    From the linked article:

    GrassTopsUSA members and supporters have generated over 16,000 Faxes to Republican leaders.

    Really, faxes? These people really are living in the past.

  • Chiroptera

    So soon after re-electing him? Man, we Americans are a fickle lot.

  • nooneinparticular

    “They’re the Real Americanstm, not all those dark-skinned people and women who voted for Obama.”

    I’m really cranky this morning. I am SO tired of this meme. Yeah most “dark skinned” and Y challenged voters voted for Obama. But so did a whole shitload of “light skinned”, X deficient voters, including this one.

  • What the hell kind of a name is “Grasstops?” Is this a “grassroots” movement led from the top? A bunch of Randroid zealots pretending they’re the downtrodden “Makers of Things” at the ground level?

    Seriously, are these people even trying to be coherent anymore?

  • They (Grasstops) also want to “depose” John Boehner–he’s so weepy and soft that he’s caving on Obamacare and “Benghazi-gate”. Obama “ordered his own impeachment” at the press conference when he told McCain to leave Susan Rice alone and take it up with him instead. The birth certificate? Still not real.

  • @nooneinparticular, #12

    I think your sarcasm meter’s temporarily busted. Note the use of the trademark symbol after “Real Americans” in Ed’s post.

    It’s a typical wingnut claim that Obama “stole” the election by courting “non-traditional” (read, PoC’s, women, lower class folks) voters while all “Real Americans” voted for Romney. Gag me with a spoon.

  • Just more babble from the bubble. Because everyone inside the bubble is screaming formObama’s impeachment, then all of America must be. It’s also why they can’t comprehend how the Mooslim usurper got re-elected.

  • davem

    ‘Grasstops’ have to be people who believe that they are in a ‘grassroots’ movement, but are actually being led by high-ups in Corporate America and/or the Republican Party.

  • samgardner

    if I recall correctly, there were groups demanding Obama’s impeachment just after his first election, before he even took office.