Behold, the Awesome Power of The Gay

We’re all accustomed to hearing wingnut preachers blame every natural disaster on gay people, but here’s a new one. There was recently a massive solar flare, called a coronal mass ejection, that was captured by NASA and the images widely viewed. And that, of course, is also the fault of The Gay:

Parishioners at Topeka Baptist Bible Fellowship Church definitely seem to think so. In fact, they think that the magnitude of the Sun’s explosion is directly proportional to the ‘steaming anger of God’s holy wrath due to gay marriage laws supported by Obama’.

After a televised Sunday sermon, the mid-sized congregation’s chief parishioner, Bishop Haywood Bynum III, drew ire from the local community and national media after claiming that the sun’s massive explosion was actually a ‘coronal mass erection’ and allowed by God to ‘certify Satan’s lust for the Earth and mankind will be allowed, since mankind does not care enough to keep God’s dictations pure and true.”

Apparently, Fred Phelps and his merry gang of ghouls is not the only collection of whackos on Topeka.

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