Lively’s Imagined Coalition With Progressives

The utterly unhinged Scott Lively is ready to ditch the Republican party and form a new coalition, which he amusingly imagines will include “grassroots progressives” that usually vote Democratic. Specifically, he thinks they can win over ethnic minorities and the working poor by pushing for “Biblical values.” It’s a pretty funny screed.

First of all lets strip down the GOP to its core principles: biblical values. This is where it started as an alternative to the pro-slavery Whig and Democrat Parties, and what has defined the appeal of its best leaders, the last of whom was, of course, Ronald Reagan.

Uh, no. The “biblical values” were all on the side of slavery. The secession declarations of nearly all the Confederate states cited the Bible and Christian values in defense of both slavery and secession. Just like today’s religious right, they claimed fealty to the higher law of God and not to the Constitution. There isn’t a single verse in the Bible in opposition to slavery, and many that not only justify it but command it directly.

Of course we want to keep the pro-life and pro-family wing, which thankfully constitutes the overwhelming majority of the GOP grass roots activists.

We also want to keep the constitutional and limited government factions, and the Tea Parties, since their philosophies are rooted in the Constitution, which is in turn rooted in the Bible (even if some of these allies have forgotten this fact).

So you should be able to point to specific provisions in the Constitution and then to their analogs in the Bible, right? Where is separation of powers in the Bible? Or freedom of speech? And why didn’t a single person involved in the writing of the Constitution point to the Bible as a model for the Constitution, while they did mention Greek and Roman and Enlightenment philosophers to do so?

This leads me to a constituency I think we don’t have but should add: ethnic minorities and the working poor. Now I’m no socialist, and I recognize that the entitlement system in its current state is one of the most shameful results of Marxist ideology in the Democratic Party, but there is a certain amount of truth in the arguments of the “social justice” crowd. I live in the inner city as a missionary and I see it first hand.

I say we should start working to rescue the “social justice” movement from the Marxists and rebuild it on a Christian foundation. We should use our vastly superior skills at managing money, and our philosophy of “teaching how to fish “ (instead of “giving away the fish”) to systematically turn the dependent class into self-sufficient citizens (to the fullest extent possible). At the same time reducing the costs of the programs and lowering taxes accordingly. A Christian society has a duty to help the poor, and we can meet that duty much better and cheaper than the Marxists can.

Why will ethnic minorities join us in the first place, before we’ve been able to prove ourselves champions of true social justice? We will make a simple appeal to the thing we most share in common. “Our Bond Is Family!” There’s our pitch and strategy in bumper-sticker simplicity. The typical African American or Hispanic person is generally more Christian and pro-family than the average American (as are the Russian, Eastern European, East Indian, African and Asian immigrants). RINO Republicans could never build a bridge to these minorities because they don’t share these values. But we can and should.

Yeah, good luck with that. Let us know how you do.

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