Peter Sprigg’s Tortured Logic

If you want to see some truly bizarre “reasoning,” look at this post by Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council. Marriage equality was 4 for 4 on election day earlier this month, but Sprigg somehow manages to pretend that this proves that marriage equality is still wildly unpopular. Take a look at these mental gymnastics:

Advocates of homosexual marriage will celebrate the outcome in these states as a breakthrough indicating momentum in support of redefining our most fundamental social institution. The irony, however, is that their narrow margin of victory in these four relatively liberal states may provide evidence that a solid majority of Americans nationwide still opposes same-sex marriage.

How can that be? The answer is simple. In a year in which the losing candidate for president, Republican Mitt Romney, won 48 percent of the popular vote nationwide, the one-man-one-woman marriage position strongly outpolled Romney in all four states where the marriage issue was on the ballot.

Yes, he thinks that the fact that the average percentage of votes for marriage equality in those states was less than the average percentage of votes for Obama proves that “a solid majority of Americans nationwide still opposes same-sex marriage.” Here are his averages and his argument:

Adding the vote totals for all four states together, I came up with the following totals:

For same-sex marriage: 51.99% (for Obama 56.70%)

For natural 1M1W marriage: 47.18% (for Romney 40.95%)

Thus, in the four states combined, the pro-family position outpolled Romney by 6.2 percent…

It also, however, casts doubt upon the claims (from some recent public opinion polls) that a majority of Americans now support legalizing same-sex marriage. How do I calculate that? Well, in these four states, the vote in favor of homosexual marriage was only 91 percent as large as Obamas vote, while the vote to defend the natural marriage of a man and a woman was 114 percent of Romneys vote.

If we extrapolate those figures to the popular vote for Obama (50.8 percent) and Romney (47.6 percent) nationwide, we come up with an estimate that 54 percent of Americans would probably still vote to define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, while only 46 percent would vote to redefine it a solid margin of 8 percent.

Yeah. If you ignore all of the other polling data that shows a clear trend in favor of marriage equality nationally. this is pure desperation. I’d love to place a very large bet with Sprigg on how such referendums will go in 2014 and 2016. He’d lose.

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