Gov. Brewer Babbles on Global Warming

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona was at a meeting this weekend of the Western Governor’s Association, where they will be talking about energy — a very important issue, especially in many parts of the west. But when asked about global warming, she offered up this idiotic answer:

“Everybody has an opinion on it, you know, and I, you know, I probably don’t believe that it’s man made,” she said. “I believe that, you know, that weather elements are controlled maybe by different things.”

Uh, okay. That’s the kind of answer I’d expect out of a junior high school student trying to fudge an answer to something she didn’t understand. But then Brewer got kind of cranky about being asked about it:

Brewer didn’t like the question. As she started walking away, she turned back toward the reporter to express her displeasure, apparently thinking the camera was off.

“Where in the hell did that come from?” she said.

Uh, you’re talking about energy. Global warming is very relevant to that. And since you govern one of the hottest states in the country, you might want to know something about it. Brewer is simply one of the most ridiculous people I’ve ever seen in politics. She appears to be dumb as a stump, ignorant of nearly everything and completely devoid of charm. I have no idea how she’s managed to get elected twice.

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