David Horowitz Loses His Cool

My friend Bonnie Bucqueroux, an excellent journalist in Lansing, went to a talk by David Horowitz at Michigan State University, during which he delivered his usual “Obama is a Marxist Muslim” talk, and asked him to address a contradiction in what he said. Horowitz then lost his cool and said he was going to confiscate her video camera. Here’s the video, right up until he grabbed her camera and shut it off in the process.


And here’s Bonnie’s explanation of what happened, including Horowitz knowing full well that she was recording it.

For the record, Horowitz knew damn well that I was videoing him and was happy to have me do so as long as he thought I was an adoring fan.

I arrived early and to scout where to shoot my video. His “official” videographer was there, and she and I conferred about find good camera locations. I went up to Horowitz and asked him if he knew where he would be speaking because I wanted to get good video. He said he didn’t know where he would be standing. Then I asked him whether I could lift the white screen in front of the blackboard or whether he would he need it for PowerPoint slides, and he indicated it would be fine for me to do so.

And as Bonnie points out on the video, Horowitz tells young people to tape their “Marxist” professors (everyone to the left of him is a Marxist in his twisted world), but that apparently doesn’t apply to him.

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