Police Officer Steals Money, Lies About It

A Connecticut state trooper has been charged with multiple felonies after being caught on video taking almost $10,000 worth of cash and property from the body of a man who died in a car accident. He took the money as “evidence,” somehow magically forgetting to log it in or mention it on his report. And then lying to investigators about it.

Knowing he was being audio and video recorded, a Connecticut State Trooper boldly took at least $3,700 in cash from a man who had died in a motorcycle accident, claiming it was “evidence,” but then acting as if he knew nothing about it when confronted three times by the victim’s father.

Trooper Aaron Huntsman also took a gold chain valued at $5,500, neglecting to include it in the victim’s personal belongings that he returned to the man’s family, later claiming he had forgotten all about it…

A month after taking the money, investigators sat down with Huntsman and interrogated him about the missing cash, in which he denied any knowledge about it. He finally admitted to the possibility of taking it when confronted with the video, but still insisting he had no recollection in doing so.

The following day, investigators searched his patrol car and found $3,700 in a bundle under the seat.

His superiors are probably just upset that he didn’t do it right. If he had seized the cash and the chain and said it was because he thought they were somehow related to a crime, then the whole department could have kept the money.

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  • Didaktylos

    That’s what’ll probably get him convicted – he wasn’t going to share the loot.

  • davidct

    Just as with the mob, if you don’t give the boss his share, you are dead meat. Did he smile for the camera by the way?

  • Freelance police.

    I’m still trying to figure out why cops don’t like cameras.

  • grumpyoldfart

    A month later and they found the $3,700 still under the seat of his car. I don’t believe it.

  • eric

    A month later and they found the $3,700 still under the seat of his car. I don’t believe it.

    Would you believe: because he didn’t share it with the department, another cop took some (different) money out of the evidence locker and planted it in his patrol car.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Just for the sake of accuracy here, $3700+$5500 = $9200. It’d be better to say “over $9000” than “almost $10,000”.

    Still, having said that, WTF is it with these cops?

  • brucegee1962

    “The following day”? So they searched his car the day after they questioned him and found the money?

    It seems to me if he’d deliberately stolen the money, he would have found someplace else to put it during the intervening month besides in the car that gets parked in the police garage every night. If he’d taken it deceitfully, it would have been long gone. Surely a decent lawyer would be able to argue that he’s not criminal, just really, really forgetful. He should lose his job, sure, but I’m not convinced he should go to jail.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    This just occurred to me: In what way is a gold chain or cash “evidence”? I may be splitting hairs here, but I thought that “evidence” meant that the items had some bearing on the case (accident, in this case). Unless the cop was going to claim that the guy was counting the cash and was distracted, or that the gold chain was cutting his windpipe off, or something like that, I don’t understand this. I can see calling the items, “possessions” that the cop conceivably could have taken for safe keeping, and maybe that’s what was meant, but it wasn’t put that way.