Dean Chambers Goes Old School Bircher

Around the time of the election, I began following Dean Chambers, the infamous “unskewed polls” moron, on Facebook. Turns out he’s an old-school wingnut, going full John Bircher with this post against fluoridation of the water supply. No doubt he’ll be talking about our precious bodily fluids next.

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  • Marcus Ranum

    So that’s my problem: a calloused pineal gland.

    Thanks for opening my inner eye, Chambers!

  • ChasCPeterson

    Didn’t Descartes identify the pineal as the seat of the soul?

    It aaaall falls into place.

  • Parsley Victorious

    Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know what this picture is actually of, and what’s going on in it?

  • Modusoperandi

    But what about our precious bodily fluids?

  • Sastra

    Why the specific concern with the pineal gland?

    Scientist Descartes has proven it’s the principle seat of the soul. That’s why.

    THEY are going after God. The bastards.

  • lclane2

    Did anyone else see this ad on Freethought Blogs that the keyword fluoride probably pulled up?

  • andrewlephong

    Out of sheer curiosity, does anyone know what this picture is actually of, and what’s going on in it?

    I found the original source of the image here:

    Those are rat stomachs, and evidently, the differences between the two have nothing to do with fluoride deposits, but rather are gastric lesions due to some procedure performed on the pineal gland.

  • helenaconstantine

    I see the site mentioned in no. 7 also sells laetrile.

    And by they is that Andrew “LePhong: capital l–small e–capital P-small h–small o–small n–small g.”?