Handel’s Wildly Exaggerated Whining

Karen Handel, the former executive with the Susan G. Komen foundation who did everything she could to defund Planned Parenthood and had it backfire on her big time, continues her mythical persecution tour and use the most bizarrely hyperbolic language in discussing the battle that she lost.

She claims she and Komen were the victim of an “unprecedented, premeditated, Mafia-style assault.” Really, Karen? Why not a lynching? Or a rape? Or a Holocaust? I mean, if you’re going to be ridiculous, go hog wild with it. The truth is that you did something dumb and got a furious public reaction to it. In the name of preventing breast cancer, you tried to eliminate funding for the organization that does more to provide cancer screening to women who otherwise would not have access to it than anyone else. And you lost in the court of public opinion. You weren’t “assaulted,” you were wrong and you lost your job over it. Get. The. Fuck. Over. It.


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  • bubba707

    I still won’t have anything to do with the Komen Foundation after that crap. Now I donate directly to PP. Why do we need a middleman like Komen anyway.

  • She is babbling.

    By the way, in case anyone’s interested, Pink Ribbons, Inc.

  • Trebuchet

    Banner ad on this page : Defund planned Parenthood!

  • magistramarla

    The frightening thing is that this woman wants to run for a Senate seat.

    It’s in North Carolina or Georgia or one of those solidly red southern states, so she might just get herself elected.

  • Yoritomo

    Mafia-style assault. Somehow I can’t remember that happening to Komen or Handel.

  • raven

    I have no intention of ever donating to SG Komen foundation.

    I take that money and donate it to the local Planned Parenthood group, every year.

    Komen has more problems than Karen Handel. AFAICT, they don’t very efficiently collect their money and don’t very intelligently spend it.

    Handel took an organization with a supposedly benign purpose, breast cancer awareness and treatment, and politicized it in the service of Oogedy Boogedy fundie xianity. Hitchens rule applies. Religion poisons everything.

  • Amphiox

    Mafia-style assault, eh?

    So, where’s the speak-easy shot up by Tommy guns?

  • I guess this means she’s officially on the wingnut welfare plan.

  • didgen

    That woman has got to be one of the most evil destructive people I have seen lately. She is the reason I will never give another cent to Moment.

  • didgen

    Damnable, Komen

  • raven

    Komen has more problems than Karen Handel.

    You have to remember that their national organization hired Karen Handel and let her do what she did.

    They only backed down when people screamed and some of their local affiliates hit the roof.

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. In SG Komen’s case, there are flames shooting up a 100 feet.

  • gardengnome

    “Mafia-style assault”???? Obviously they shot her in the head, but if they were trying for her brain they should have aimed much lower down.

  • Chiroptera

    Trebuchet, #3: Banner ad on this page : Defund planned Parenthood!

    Click it. Few things make me warm and fuzzy inside than knowing that Right Wing advertising money is going to help support Ed’s blog.

  • steve84

    And there I thought it was Komen that co-opted pink

  • roggg

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    What??? A new, unexpectedly avant-garde work by the composer of the fireworks Suite?

  • Ellie

    I do not purchase any product with a pink ribbon on it and haven’t seen long before the Komen brouhaha. The Komen rejection of women in need was just frosting on the cake. I stopped when pink ribbons turned up on Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are many other organizations out there that actually fund research and help women rather than corporate bottom lines.

  • I also heard that Komen has compromised their central message to get support from companies whose products, or manufacturing byproducts, are known to cause breast cancer.

    And besides, I have always been mightily turned off by the mindless emotionalism of their ads. They hog attention, they make a lot of noise, they repeat the name of their organization as often as they can until it becomes an irritating mantra that you can’t get out of your head…and beneath all that slick and carefully-crafted advertizing, they really ain’t all that. Just another over-advertized business or blockbuster movie.

  • frog

    Again I boggle at supposed adults who can’t accept that maybe they fucked up and it cost them.

    I learned that lesson as a teenager. What the hell bubble did these people grow up in that they never had to suffer consequences for their errors?

  • savagemutt

    The frightening thing is that this woman wants to run for a Senate seat.

    It’s in North Carolina or Georgia or one of those solidly red southern states, so she might just get herself elected.

    We’ve already got enough right-wing wackos here in North Cackalacky. Please don’t try to foist another one on us.

    And we did barely go for Obama in ’08, so, nyah!

  • Nick Gotts @ 16: What??? A new, unexpectedly avant-garde work by the composer of the fireworks Suite?

    I heard the Chicago Civic Orchestra perform the original just last night. They shouldn’t have changed it around so much. It was quite good the way it was…

  • I really wish more NFL football teams had stood up to Komen and refused to participate in their “wear pink stuff to attract more attention to Komen” campaign. Where’s Chris Kluwe when we really need him?

  • Michael Heath

    frog writes:

    What the hell bubble did these people grow up in that they never had to suffer consequences for their errors?

    The following is mere speculation on my part.

    Those who stay affiliated in adulthood to conservative Christianity or convert to it probably perceive humans as generally depraved and find the idea of repentance and subsequent forgiveness appealing. Since I’ve yet to meet even one converted conservative Christian who demonstrates their repentance was authentic, e.g., “Go and sin no more”, where they don’t even try (e.g., they continuously and eagerly bear false witness), I surmise they’re attracted to the pose since it relieves them of the burden of responsibility while enjoying a sense of entitlement and privilege.

    This sense of entitlement is one we observe now dominates American conservatism where it used to be observed only among the movement’s plutocrats. So this attribute makes the merger of theological conservative Christianity with political conservatism synergetic and a very likely outcome since both the voting base and financiers of the party share their sense of entitlement and lack of responsibility for outcomes based on their past policy arguments and voting patterns. In fact it helps them double down as we’ve observed.

  • noastronomer

    I’m sorry but unless there’s a decapitated horse somewhere I really can’t consider this a ‘mafia-style assault”.


  • raven

    Handel cost Komen many millions of dollars. Donations are way down and may never recover.

    Komen’s Fundraising Challenges Intensify – News – The Chronicle of …

    philanthropy. com/article/Komen-s-Fundraising/133695/

    16 Aug 2012 – Monday, December 17, 2012 … Donations to Susan G. Komen for the Cure fundraising events declined … Brinker, would step down as chief executive, along with two board members and the charity’s president, Liz Thompson.

    Handel’s cost to Komen = many millions of dollars

    Worth of Handel’s automartyrdom = lots of money, to her

    PS SG Komen also refused to accept a substantial donation from an atheist or humanist group not so long ago. Bunch of christofascist bigots run them, obviously.

  • So she takes a baseball bat and kneecaps herself and the organization she ran and we’re supposed to blame the Mafia?

    How about the the dishonest attacks on PP by the Religious Right that she claims were the reason for her wanting to defund it? If there was a Mafia under the bed, she should look in the mirror. She simply was the “victim” of the fact that more people knew it was crap than were buying it.

  • raven

    I’m estimating that Handel cost Komen around $80 million a year in lost donations. That is a lot.

    Donations seem to be down 20%, although this number isn’t known very well. They used to take in $400 million/year.

    Handel’s real religion is a common fundie variant. ME ME ME, MORE MONEY FOR ME.

    I’m sure as a Tea Party elected official she would do what she did to Komen, wreck as much of anything as she can in the service of toxic religion. All you 47% moochers know the playbook by now.

  • raven

    American Cancer Society Refuses $500,000 Donation from Atheists …

    www. wackbag. com › Forums › OFF TOPIC › Current Events

    31 Dec 2011 – American Cancer Society Refuses $500,000 Donation from Atheists … If there’s anyone left who doesn’t think Susan G Komen and all these …. I’m sure if the group was willing to donate the money directly it would be accepted.,/blockquote>

    Well, shoot.

    It was the American Cancer Society that refused $500,000 from an atheist group. Atheist haters are dime a hundred.

    Oh well, another group that isn’t getting any money from me either.

  • vmanis1

    Handel’s opera Xerxes features the aria `Ombra mai fu’ , a love song the king sings to a tree.

  • thebookofdave

    Mafia-style assault?

    Jeezit! We’ve been ratted out again! Change of plans, boys. We gotta hit her with a witch-hunt.

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  • oldsarge

    Handel was from GA, where she plans on making another run for office. Great. Just what we need down here: More blood-red stupidity.