Klingenschmitt: Military Encouraging Abuse of Christian Soldiers

Here’s another report from the bizarro world inhabited by the wingnuts, especially the truly deranged ones like Gordon Klingenschmitt. In the real world, Christian soldiers, and even a particular type of Christian soldiers, get a leg up from their similar-thinking superiors and lots of advantages. On Planet Wingnuttia, Klingenschmitt claims that the military is deliberately encouraging gay soldiers to force themselves on Christian soldiers. He sent this typically hysterical screed to his credulous followers:

In New Jersey, Florida, and Lousiana [sic] Christian military chapels have been desecrated by acts of sodomy, despite the fact all three of these states prohibit gay ‘marriage.’

Desecrated by acts of sodomy? You mean they had gay sex right there in the chapel? Of course not. But this is the sort of moronic rhetoric that fires up the rubes and a guy’s gotta eat, amirite?

Homosexual Sailors receive preferential treatment. “The Navy has allowed sailors openly engaged in homosexual behavior to choose their bunkmates,” says Col. Ron Crews, a retired Chaplain leading the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty.

But if Christian Sailors don’t want a homosexual roommate, they cannot refuse one. Christians who refuse such open homosexual advances are labeled as discriminators. Can you say double-standard? Just imagine the horror of being “chosen” as a bunkmate, and then being forced to endure ogling or groping without complaining.

Sexual harrassment [sic] is banned in the military, unless you’re a homosexual abusing a Christian, then it’s openly encouraged.

He wants you to “take a stand for our Christian troops.” How? By sending him money, of course. That’ll do it.

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  • erichoug

    It’s really quite interesting that the military already has in place mechanisms to protect Soldiers and Sailors of all stripes from being the targets of un-wanted advances. Something that I believe is referred to as fraternization.

    Funny how when you get rid of the bigotry and just treat everyone the same, life becomes a lot simpler.

  • Can a Christian refuse to accept a Jewish, Muslim or Wiccan roommate? Is that persecution? Of whom?

  • pacal

    They just can’t help lying for Jesus can they?

  • Sexual harrassment [sic] is banned in the military, unless you’re a homosexual man abusing a Christian woman, then it’s openly encouraged.

    FIFY, Klingy.

  • Casey

    I love that he thinks there are “Christian military chapels.” Does he not realize that military chapels are multipurpose facilities that are used by service members of many different faiths for their worship?

  • Casey “I love that he thinks there are ‘Christian military chapels.’ Does he not realize that military chapels are multipurpose facilities that are used by service members of many different faiths for their worship?”

    No. They’re Christian chapels that allow other so-called “American” so-called “soldiers” of other so-called “faiths” to commit idolatry with their false so-called “gods”.

  • Just imagine the horror of being “chosen” as a bunkmate, and then being forced to endure ogling or groping without complaining

    I’ll bet he spends a lot of time imagining just that. I swear, there are leather fetish boys on the Castro who don’t think about gay sex as much as these wingnuts do.

  • This makes no sense. You can’t choose a bunkmate unilaterally. No gay sailor can choose soem hot dude and that dude has to just accept it. You can choose bunkmates, but this requires both parties to make the choice. If you can’t pick someoen workable for whatever reason, they’ll assign you and you can’t refuse an assignment. He sure makes it sound scarier.

  • dan4

    A minor point, I know, but why does Klingenschmitt capitalize the first letter in “sailors” (and it doesn’t seem to be a typo, either, since he does it twice, and he writes the Crews quote containing the same word with the accurate lower-case format)?

  • FWIW, I can easily imagine Gordo getting abused by me, just because I got close enough to smack him. Otoh, he’d prolly enjoy it.

  • jnorris

    For Modusoperandi @ #6, and the Christians are so persecuted when All The Others, wearing the same uniforms, use the chapels.

  • I don’t think that Gordo can make it through the day without crapping himself.

  • Artor


    You might not have noticed, but Random Capitalization is one of the hallmarks of a Wingnut. Correct spelling, syntax, punctuation & capitalization is one of the ways we can tell a troll from a nutjob. The trolls are usually sane, and it shows sometimes. Yeah, Klingenschmitt is a true batshit crazy wingnut, through & through.

  • I think, btw, that the reason that Outtahisgourdo capitalizes “sailor” is because he was a USN officer (and I’ll bet he still refers to himself as “Lt. Klingenschmitt”, then again, considering that he’s a Liar for JESUS Club charter member, he prolly calls himself, “Captain”, as the USN rank of Lieutenant (Paygrade O-3) is the same as the USAF, Marine and Army designation, “Capt.”. And Gornad, as we all know, just loves to tell whatever lies it takes to convince us that he’s a committed and persecuted KKKristian.

    Hey, no JD, GOD’s own Fighter Pilot and fellow charter member of the Liars for JESUS Club? Maybe he’s taking a holiday–or maybe he finally got shut down by his superiors.

  • DaveL

    Once again, the Christian Right demonstrates that their main objection to society’s acceptance of homosexuality is that it’s no longer clear who’s supposed to rape whom.

  • @ DaveL:

    I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head. Because they all have a firm belief that a KKKristian man should be able to take the woman, her objections notwithstanding–anytime it strikes his fancy–I can see where their forcedonthem buttseks come from. Well, that and the notion that a lot of them are afraid that they might actually enjoy it.

  • John Horstman

    @7: This is where projection meets abjection; the recognition of the abject as familiar motivates projection of undesired aspects of the self (in this case, homosexual desire constructed as an objectifying male gaze and sexual assault) onto the Other. It’s one of the ways they can manage to maintain such an impressive level of cognitive dissonance without dissociating entirely (or alternately without their confabulated fantasy worlds collapsing). This stuff always makes me marvel at how adaptable the human brain is.