Thank You So Much

After my recent surgery I asked for contributions from those in a position to give them to help make up for the lost income and expense of the surgery. For those who contributed, I cannot thank you enough. This is such an amazing community and I appreciate so much how we step up for one another when the chips are down. And I’m happy to report that the recovery is going very well, far better than I could have guessed it would after the surgery. Very little pain and discomfort and I’m slowly regaining my stamina (what little I had).

I find everyone’s generosity especially incredible because this was all done a couple days before Christmas and the request was posted on a weekend, when traffic is down. Despite that, dozens of people were kind enough to give a little or a lot. Again, a huge thank you not just to those who have given money and helped take that burden off my plate, but also to the hundreds of you who reached out to wish me a speedy recovery. Your good wishes helped make a very difficult couple of weeks a whole lot easier.

If there’s anyone who would still like to contribute, you can donate through Paypal (if neither of these work below, just go to and the email address is

Or if you’d like to subscribe to my blog and help out that way (I know, you get it for free anyway, right?), you can do that here:

Option 1 : $5.00 USD – monthly

Option 2 : $10.00 USD – monthly

Option 3 : $25.00 USD – monthly

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  • Gnumann+,who should not under any cirumstance be referred to as “gunman”

    Good to hear this Ed!

    I hope you get well soon!

  • Nick Gotts (formerly KG)

    Pleased to hear your recovery is going well!

  • Crudely Wrott

    Excellent news, Ed, and sure to be well received far and wide.

  • Sastra

    Hope you continue to recover — and all the best for 2013.

  • joachim

    And to all you atheists who don’t have a blog to use as a piggy bank, thats the breaks

  • Freeman

    joachim #5: And to all you atheists who don’t have a blog to use as a piggy bank, thats the breaks

    And to all you anyones who haven’t done the hard work to set up a blog and spend years writing the volume of intelligent, interesting, and insightful content required to generate any sort of interest in said blog, that’s the breaks.

    There, fixed that for ya!

  • Tony the Queer Shoop (owner of the pink cotton ball of death)

    Is there a mute button for people like joachim who do nothing but spew venom?


    Ed, I am glad the surgery went well and hope for a speedy recovery for you.