The Worldnutdaily’s Ban That Isn’t a Ban

The Worldnutdaily is back with yet another pearl-clutching and entirely inaccurate headline:


I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that the article actually includes no police and no ban on any “illegal” language. It’s just a campaign at the University of Maryland to encourage — yes, encourage — people to stop using insensitive language.

A public university in Maryland is spending thousands of dollars on a “diversity” campaign targeted at students to stop them from using “insensitive” phrases such as “illegal alien,” “that’s so retarded” and “no homo.”

The University of Maryland, or UMD, has spent $15,000 just this year on its “inclusive language campaign,” reports.

Wow, a whole $15,000? This is an outrage!

Yet another entry warns students against stating that another person “looks like a terrorist” because “the phrase may offend people who are of Arab decent, Muslim, and people who phenotypically look like the stereotype of a terrorist”

Very slippery language. It “warns students.” Actually, all it does is tell them that saying someone looks like a terrorist just because they are of Arabic decent is an insensitive stereotype. Wow, how Orwellian.

And here’s that terrible “ban” in action:

“The words you use may have an impact on others. Consider the power of your words as you choose what to say, and consider different ways that you can communicate the same message. If you are offended by someone’s language, engage them in a discussion. Ask them what they really meant by what they said. Together, sharing each other’s stories, we can help others see the power of their words.”

Encouraging people to consider how their language affects others? I bet Hitler did that before he started throwing people in concentration camps. I’m sure Glenn Beck can find a link.

Look, I have been an outspoken critic of campus hate speech codes. I believe they are almost always unconstitutional and I have long argued that the ACLU should start filing suits against them at every opportunity (they have done so in the past and won, but it’s done little to stop such codes from proliferating; we need a Supreme Court ruling on them). But this is not a “ban” and it doesn’t make any words “illegal.” That is just the Worldnutdaily’s usual hysteria. There is nothing wrong with encouraging students to think about the impact of their words and about how those words can affect someone who is so often mistreated due to negative stereotypes.

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