Newspaper Names Most Trustworthy News Sites

There’s apparently a city called Enumclaw, Washington, and it has a newspaper that has given a list of the most trustworthy news sites of 2012. And you’re not gonna believe their list. The Worldnutdaily is actually number two on the list. Number one is Drudge. Yes, Drudge.

With a continual commitment to the truth and top-notch journalistic practices, World Net Daily has time and again exposed corruption in the media and politics while maintaining good journalistic practices.

WND clearly differentiates when they’re reporting news and providing commentary or opinion.

Holy shit. What website are they reading? And here’s their #4 site,

Founded by the late Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart news has become a trusted resource by many for current events. With a central focus on political issues, Breitbart maintains a worthy news source by continually reporting stories and facts many news sites elect to omit.

And here’s their criteria:

Each news source is carefully considered and ranked by the following criteria:

Reliability: Consistent, regularly updated delivery of news.

Accuracy: Well-rounded stories which focus upon facts rather than gossip or hearsay.

Quality: Favors informative, well-written pieces over sheer quantity.

Balance: Stories are selected and reported aside from bias or agenda.

Reach: Strong authority and readership across the web.

Selected aside from bias or agenda. Seriously.

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  • LightningRose

    Of course, with nowhere on the list, said list itself cannot be trusted.

  • kantalope

    Maybe the list was supposed to be dated April 1st?

    Criteria number 6: Tells me what I want to hear….ahhhhh

    The Faux News echo chamber does not encourage much self reflection.

  • MikeMa

    Astounding. Consistent idiocy.

  • matty1

    You’re just misunderstanding, those criteria are things a site gets marked down for.

  • Rip Steakface

    Ah, yes, Enumclaw. I’m from Washington, for the record. It’s a po-dunk little town southeast of Seattle. Surprising that their newspaper is that conservative, considering the western side of WA is mostly liberal. There’s only like 10,000 people there total, which is pitiful even in comparison with where I live (Olympia, the capital – about 45,000 people).

    The most experience I have with the place is competing with their marching band, though it was hardly a competition. They came on with maybe 25 members and frickin’ played pep band tunes (things like My Sharona) out of time and out of tune. For comparison, we’re considered a small band and we have 70 members – it’s also never going to reflect well on you, in a high school competitive marching band, if your show is a bunch of pep tunes for basketball games.

    Short version: Enumclaw sucks ass.

  • lclane2

    Looks balanced to me – all the way from nutcase on the right to reactionary on the left.

  • Scott Hanley

    Accuracy: Well-rounded stories which focus upon purported facts rather than admitted gossip or hearsay.

    That might be a little more, um, accurate.

  • doktorzoom

    Oh, hey, it gets even stranger. (Full disclosure — link is to a Wonkette story I wrote about this thing).

    The “Discerning Times,” the web outlet that gave the “award,” is run by the “Sound Doctrine Church,” whose associate pastor is facing charges for raping a 10-year-old girl in 2005-2006. Three weeks before WND received the “award,” it ran a story very sympathetic to the pastor, suggesting that the rape charges were the result of “anti-Christian bias.” (Presumably because the former members of the church making the accusation are now “anti-Christian,” though they still consider themselves to be Christian. )

    The whole mission of the “Discerning Times” appears to be whitewashing the pastor and smearing his accusers; they’ve even run an editorial decrying the State of Washington’s refusal to allow the victim’s name to be released, and calling for the prosecution of anyone who makes “false accusations of sex crimes.”

  • lldayo

    Those comments on the site are great! They ask for evidence for the WND’s bias and suspect fact checking, are given two examples with a willingness to provide more and then proceed to basically ignore them and ask for evidence. Seems like par for the course on a wing nut website.

  • raven

    Man Dies In Bizarre Case Of Bestiality | News Archive | Seattle News …

    www. komonews. com/news/archive/4158101.html

    15 Jul 2005 – A man was killed after having sex with a horse, and police believe they’ve uncovered an Enumclaw farm that was a base for such activities. … abuses animals for sex. And what they’ve done is not illegal in Washington State.

    Without comment.

    Enumclaw has always been known for its high density of morons.

  • jamessweet

    In fairness, if I had to rank WND and Drudge as which is more trustworthy, I think I’d go with Drudge. Maybe.

  • raven

    Murder charges for parents who left girl outside – The Seattle Times

    seattletimes. com/html/ localnews/2016361753_hana30m.html

    29 Sep 2011 – The adoptive parents of a 13-year-old Sedro-Woolley girl who died in May … What Christian denomination do these monsters belong to and why did they adopt children. … Hana Grace-Rose Williams came to Washington state from Ethiopia in … the couple engaged in a pattern of assault or torture on Hana.

    Rural areas everywhere and not just Washington state provide havens for socially dysfunctional groups, fequently although not always fundie xians.

    This girl in Washington was a torture murder human sacrifice of some weird fundie xians.

  • eddarrell

    They said “trustworthy.” You can trust each one of those sites to mangle the news and screw up the reports, every damn time.

    Accurate? Who said that was a criterion? Truthful? No, that’s not necessarily same thing as trustworthy. You gotta worry that someone who is truthful will actually tell the truth and spill the beans on some embarrassing secret. But trustworthy? You can trust some people to clam up and NOT tell the truth, when not telling the truth is in their interest, or in yours.

    Trustworthy. Not truthful. Don’t confuse the two.

  • John Horstman

    No, see, it’s a self-referential joke. They’re not on their own list, suggesting that they are not at all reliable and their list is complete bollocks. Get it? Ha!

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    Damnit, raven beat me to posting the “Mr. Hands” case (death by intestinal rupture via anal intercourse with a stallion). Apparently nobody noticed we didn’t have any statutes against bestiality up until then… we do now. Enumclaw will ever be remembered for that case, it was immortalized in the movie “Zoo”. (The movie itself was rather interesting, as it interviewed people involved in the bestiality ring, and examined their feelings towards animals.)

    But yes, MOST of the state is red, and the rural areas offer up all sorts of bizarre religiosity. I’m hopelessly stuck on the east side of the state, but convinced my oldest to go to University of Washington. She’s much more comfortable among ‘her kind’. LOL