UN Calls for End to Female Genital Mutilation

The Center for Inquiry’s blog reports that the United Nations has, for the first time, adopted a resolution calling on all nations to end the disgusting practice of female genital mutilation. The committee report on the advancement of women can be read in its entirety here. Among other things, it says:

“Urges States to condemn all harmful practices that affect women and girls, in particular female genital mutilation, whether committed within or outside a medical institution, and to take all necessary measures, including enacting and enforcing legislation to prohibit female genital mutilation and to protect women and girls from this form of violence, and to end impunity;

Also urges States to complement punitive measures with awareness raising and educational activities designed to promote a process of consensus towards the eradication of female genital mutilation, and further urges States to protect and support women and girls who have been subjected to female genital mutilation and those at risk, including by developing social and psychological support services and care, and to take measures to improve their health, including sexual and reproductive health, in order to assist women and girls who are subjected to the practice;”

CFI notes that an estimated 140 million women around the world have been the victims of this horrific practice.

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