Malkin’s Fantasy World on Sandy Relief

Sometimes it’s really quite surreal watching Fox News and their paid contributors go to such incredible lengths to defend the Republicans and blame Obama for everything. Michelle Malkin went on Fox and Friends to talk to Steve Doocy, the dumbest man on television, and deliver this delusional nonsense:

On Fox & Friends on Thursday, co-host Steve Doocy led a segment about Sandy relief by noting that Obama is on vacation in Hawaii and added, “Meanwhile … there are tens of thousands of people whose houses were destroyed by Sandy.” Doocy continued, “And it’s interesting — you go back 60 days, the president of the United States was out at a big photo op with Chris Christie, saying, ‘I’m going to eliminate the red tape. I’m going to make sure that FEMA follows through.’ And now 60 days later, nothing.”

After a montage of Obama speaking about cutting through red tape for Sandy aid was aired, Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin said, “Well, golf clap for that Oscar-winning performance reel from Obama, paying lip service to the exigency and emergency and urgency of helping out Sandy victims. Aloha and mahalo, right?” Malkin later added, “I think it’s ridiculous to fully blame Boehner for the gridlock that’s happening over this bill.”

Ridiculous? Obama can’t spend a dime without Congress appropriating it. He has used the bully pulpit to push Congress to pass the relief bill. The Democratic-controlled Senate passed a $60 billion relief package and then Boehner refused to bring it up for a vote. In fact, he promised the legislators from New York and New Jersey that he would hold a vote and then reneged on that promise, prompting a furious reaction from Rep. Peter King and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, both Republicans. So who else could possibly be to blame other than Boehner?

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  • You’ll now when you’ve gotten her attention when her hordes of flying monkeys descend on your blog!

  • I see Malkin still wants to be Ann Coulter when she grows up.

  • Who Knows?

    Ed, you speak as if truth and reality mean something to these people.

  • Doug Little

    Who Knows @3

    Yes, the make shit up is strong in this one.

  • lclane2

    Speaking of making up shit, check out this one: Newtown CT as anti-gun conspiracy

  • It’s too bad that probably the best know Fillipino-American is a right wing talking head.

    You’ve found a good one, Iclane2. “The gubmint did it|!” is a common cry after such incidents, but usually they just claim the gunman was a “Manchurian candidate” hopped up on mind control drugs and hypnosis.

  • Doug Little

    hopped up on mind control drugs and hypnosis.

    And don’t forget the contrails, everything can be traced back to the contrails, we’re down the rabbit hole here people!

  • No no no. It’s not contrails. It’s HAARP. The Illuminati is installing a New World Order by using HAARP to mind control people into doing their bidding so Obama can ban all guns. Then, Death Camps.

    Geez, get it right, will ya?

  • vmanis1

    I think that if I ever watched Ms Malkin and Mr Doocy in conversation, my head would implode.

  • John Kruger

    Boehner is unpopular with both sides these days. Why Faux News is jumping to his defense is beyond me.

    I especially liked the reference to the promise made to Chris Christie, who has been very clear about which people he is is pleased with and who he is not. I suppose Faux News can count on their viewers not to know or check on what Christie actually had to say on the matter.

  • hunter

    @ 10 — most of Fox’s viewers aren’t sure who Chris Christie is.

    So America’s Favorite Anchor Baby is at it again. If she keeps at it as she has in the past, she’ll wind up publishing the address and phone number of the president on her blog. . . .

  • caseloweraz

    Timgueguen: “It’s too bad that probably the best known Filipina-American is a right wing talking head.”

    Best known Pilipina-American? I beg to differ. That title has to go to Tia Carrare, star of Relic Hunter, who was born in Honolulu to Filipino parents.

  • Malkin really nailed the President for his habit of going on vacation during federal holidays. In his home state!

  • Mr Ed

    The longer these conspiracy theories go on the more twisted and complex they become. So what is next, Christie as a Democratic pant or does Obama have something on him?

  • birgerjohansson

    The Democrats actually planned to destroy the world in December 2012, but Obama was on vacation at the crucial moment. The human sacrifices to Bel-Shamharoth were not made in time.


    An anecdote from Pharyngula; When a person watched a news item on TV about a bank suing the government (who bailed them out) for the loss of predicted profit, he spontaneously said “That’s Socialism for you!”. Socialism is now defined as anything that is impopular, even if done by capitalists.


    This is fun. I could make stuff up and spread it on the internet, and American conservatives would accept it without questioning the sources. Let’s spread a meme that Obama’s father bankrolled Malcolm X…. with drug money. And “Barack” is Swahili for the Jewish name Baruch, which surely must mean something. Jewish bankers, black socialists, the plot practically writes itself.

  • birgerjohansson

    “Christie as a Democratic plant or does Obama have something on him?”

    Mr Ed , you do not have the imagination to emulate real conspiracy theories. Remember the death panels? Take some acid, then try again Christie as alien shape-shifter taking the place of the *real *Christie? 🙂

  • birgerjohansson:

    I got this supersecret idea for a plot.

    Remember Steven King’s, “The Stand”? So, okay, my book, “The Spew”. will be like that, except the pandemic will be Malkinism, a virulent and apparently incurable infection which spreads by radio/television and is introduced into its host via the ear canal. Once in its host’s body, the infection spreads and eventually causes cessation of the host’s ability to reason. It also causes the host to become a zombpublican, a condition characterized by slackjawedyokel syndrome and an insatiable craving for Cheetos and Mountain Dew*.

    I’m thinking a movie, “Dawn of the Zombpublicans” might be developed, too,, also.

    BTW, don’t tell anybody about this, I don’t want them stealing my idea.

    * A deep south variant substitutes RC Cola and Moonpies.

  • Sure, he did nothing. Now that he’s got some money, though, I hear he’s putting it all in to the GROUND ZERO MOSQUE. Also, SHARIA LAW. True story.

  • You got everything right Ed except for one thing:

    Malkin nor Coulter get paid a dime for those appearances on Fox News.

    Malkin is an idiot. Never did like her. Little miss, “look at me, I am a filipino and a Conservative!”

    Affirmative action conservatives I call them. That whole thing Graeme Frost was my decided factor on her. She might stand for the Military and all. But everything else about her sucks.

    Just an FYI…

    Also too, are you getting along well, healing up and such?

    Be well,


  • Oops.

    Decided = deciding.

  • gah… I also messed up…

    That should read:

    That whole Graeme Frost thing was my deciding factor on her.

    Whew…. writing sometimes! O_o

  • birgerjohansson

    Patrick, you have beeen targeted by Tpyos, the Lord of Bad Speling. 🙂

    (The usual hosts of Tpyos are the minds of people who write hate mail to Ed Brayton and others)