Wingnuts Make 2013 Predictions

The wingnuts didn’t do so well on their 2012 predictions, so let’s see how they do for 2013. Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio offered up some amusing prophecies for the coming year, including the Presbyterian church merging with Islam:

Swanson: There will be a merger of PCUSA [Presbyterian Church (USA)], a liberal Christian organization, denomination, there will be a merger of PCUSA and a Muslim sect to form the first Mustererian denomination. How do you say that? Musterian denomination.

Buenher: Chrislam.

Swanson: So the Muslims and the liberal Presbyterians get together to form Chrislam. There’s just synthesis going on, so I’m just waiting for that mix. Now, chances are Dave, that at the end of the day they’re all Muslims anyway.

I’ll take that bet. For any amount of money.

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