Buehner Joins the Phelps Gang

Pastor Dave Buehner of Generations Radio, who previously said that making friends with gay people is just like making friends with cannibals, appears to be joining hands with Fred Phelps’ gang of ghouls and barbarians, declaring on Generations Radio that God really does hate homosexuals:

Buehner: Kevin, if you tell your daughter, your beautiful daughter, ‘Hey, don’t put your hand on the hot stove.’ She can look at that and say, ‘My dad’s a tyrant, he won’t give me liberty to put my hand on the hot stove.’ The fact of the matter is if she puts her hand on the hot stove, bad things will happen. God’s law is like that. God’s law will tell us that if we do things that are bad, bad things will happen. If we put our hands on the stove, we’ll get burned. If we embrace homosexuality, we’ll destroy society, we’ll destroy lives, we’ll destroy families, we’ll destroy everything. It’s not just that God just hates homosexuals, there’s a reason why he hates it. It’s the same reason you would hate your daughter putting her hand on a hot stove.

To be fair, he’s actually right from a Biblical perspective. If the Bible is true, God clearly does hate gay people and wants them destroyed. And please spare me any strained readings of Leviticus that purport to show that it wasn’t really homosexuality being condemned. The men who wrote the Bible really did think that homosexuality was an abomination worthy of death. That’s one more reason to reject it.

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