Dick Morris as the Black Night

Dick Morris does his best impersonation of the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail with a new video entitled “Now we have Obama right where we want him.” If Morris wasn’t the single least accurate pundit in the country, Obama might be worried about that.

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  • daved

    The Black *Night*?

  • Randomfactor

    As in “In brightest day…”

  • dugglebogey

    I’m willing to be ANYTHING that “in his second term” was never “right where we want him.”

  • dugglebogey

    Ack! Willing to BET, BET ANYTHING.

  • naturalcynic

    Bill Kristol, you’re not trying hard enough.

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com holytape

    Well it’s true. Obama now can not possibly win the 2016 election!!!!!

  • samgardner

    Why, if Dick thinks his plan is such a great idea, does he insist on couching it in such adversarial terms? Does he think Obama’s out to destroy the US or something?

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com holytape

    In all seriousness, I feel sorry for Dick Morris. Ever since “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood” bombed, his acting career hit rock bottom. A man has to feed his family some how, right?

  • http://motherwell.livejournal.com/ Raging Bee

    He has a family? I pity his wife and kids.

  • baal

    “Well it’s true. Obama now can not possibly win the 2016 election!!!!!”

    I’m sure Dick Morris and friends will have a day or two in 3.5 years from now where they claim that by Obama not trying to run for a third term is in fact proof that Obama is plotting to run for a 3rd term.

  • jnorris

    Did the Republican Tea Party take a sacred vow this term to hold Pres Obama to just two terms of office?

  • mrbp

    Obama is a centre right politician. The Republicans have shifted so far into the -Fox News- far right echo chamber that a centre right politician like Obama is seen as a communist and Romney looked like he was going to win. You couldn’t make it up. Watching American politics is like watching Monty Python. Bravo America lol

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