Salafists Call Al Jazeera Evil

With Al Jazeera’s purchase of Al Gore’s Current TV, the American wingnuts are losing their minds over it because Al Jazeera sounds all foreign and stuff so they’re probably terrorists. But the Muslim wingnuts apparently think Al Jazeera is an evil traitor to the cause of Islam, according to the Salafi Center of Manchester:

haikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan (hafidha-hullaah) a member of the committee of Major Scholars (Saudi Arabia) stated:

“There is much evil in Al-Jazeerah news. There is much evil and provocation in it. There are a people presented in it who speak haphazardly in the affairs of the Religion and in the affairs of fiqh. They make unlawful that which Allaah has made lawful or make lawful that which Allaah has made unlawful in their verdicts, and this is a severe danger. The evil of hearkening to news in it is widespread at present… and all that is attributed to it is evil and none praises it.”

So they both agree that Al Jazeera is evil. How unsurprising.

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  • shouldbeworking

    So, in other words, “the enemy of my enemy is…”

  • That’s an awfully stilted translation.

    ‘Saaleh Al-Fawzaan (whom may Big Al bugger) stated. “I’m a bigoted twit. Stop distracting me from planning what I’m gonna do with my 72 virgins”‘ is much closer to the original.

  • As I’ve said before, give them another couple of decades and Christian fundamentalists will start to make common cause with Islamists, both groups putting aside their differences to collaborate against their mutual enemies, the rest of us.

  • steve oberski

    American wingnuts are losing their minds

    They would have to find them first.

    During the Egyptian uprising that resulted in the ouster of Mubarak I brought in the live streaming feed from Al-Jazeerah just to compare and contrast to our state run media organ, the CBC and the BBC as well.

    And no, I did not look at FOX “news” for “balance”.

    Obviously the Al-Jazeerah reporting was from a non western viewpoint but I can’t say I noticed any overt agenda to subvert western democracies and impose sharia law on the world.

    So I can understand why both xtian and muslim wingnuts would be upset by fairly objective and balanced (in the true sense of the word balanced) reporting.

  • jnorris

    Life would be easier at Al Jazeera if they would have a cooking show series featuring mermaids.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Curious to see if the new variant of the English spelling of God was consistent (it was – well, don’t we need another confusion to complicate word searches?) – I went to the cited source,

    There, I was delighted to find that the Al-Jazeerah (another new rendition) story was tagged “Deviated Callers & Individuals”. Unable to resist following that trail, I discovered a nice long roster of headlines, including

    The Meeting between Yahyah Az-Zummiy and shaytaan-derived benefits by Shaikh Rabee


    Jarh Wat-Tadeel–Beware of the Plots and False Arguments of the Deceitful Hizbiyyoon

    plus the ever-timely warning:

    Do Not Be Deceived By the Physical Appearances of the Immoral Women of This worldly Life!

    Now I can’t decide whether to watch the videos about “The Ruling On Saying “Merry Christmas”” and “Who was “Santa Claus?””, or to go try to find out what a Hizbiyyoon is…

  • “Deceived By the Physical Appearances of the Immoral Women of This worldly Life”


    That warning was much too late!!!

  • Pierce R. Butler

    timgueguen @ # 3: … give them another couple of decades and Christian fundamentalists will start to make common cause with Islamists…

    Actually, you’d have to take a few decades. Collaboration to block or weaken resolutions and action at international women’s rights conferences among, e.g., Saudi Arabia, Libya, the Vatican and the United States, has been going on since the Reagan administration.

  • steve oberski

    We Kindly Ask All Our Followers @Twitter To Remove All Images/Pictures With Souls (i.e. humans and animals)

    Chock full of relevant advice for life in the 21st century.

  • steffp

    Sheikh Saaleh Al-Fawzaan is a cleric who is sure that, as the hadith mentions them,

    mermaids exist and there is permanent priapism in Paradise

    “Likewise the virginity of the women of Paradise will not be lost permanently like the virginity of the women of this worldly life, rather whenever the women of Paradise are disvirgined, their virginities are renewed and the man’s reproductive organ is always erected.”

  • Fred Salvador – Colonialist

    To be fair, Al-Jazeera is every bit as tendentious as any other major news organisation; it’s full of a different flavour of shit than we in the West are used to consuming, but it’s still shit.

    Also… Manchester? England is already a fucking shit-hole of intellectually retardant nonsense, what with UKIP and the Tories and the EDL and what-have-you; now they have Salafi Centres making pronouncements as well?

  • picklefactory

    Aren’t these the guys who declared that mermaids were halal?