Bachmann Still on Intelligence Committee

Michele Bachmann has inexplicably retained her spot on the House Intelligence Committee. In related news, Lindsay Lohan has been named to the House Sobriety Committee and Charlie Sheen has been given a seat on the House Mental Stability Committee.

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  • jba55

    Ok Ed, now you’re just being ridiculous. Neither Ms Lohan nor Mr Sheen have anywhere near enough seniority to get onto those committees before so many other people who have been serving in Congress for years.

  • I am reminded of impeached governor of Arizona, Evan Mecham, who appointed a Mormon bishop to head the state Liquor Board.

  • shouldbeworking

    Palin is there as an example of what happens when there is a lack of intelligence.

  • anubisprime

    @ OP

    Bachmann Still on Intelligence Committee

    The very definition of the term ‘OXYMORON’ …I move that it be included in every textbook that deals with words and their meanings, beginning with the Oxford English Dictionary.

  • Mr Ed

    I put something into water not because it is wet but because I want to get it wet. Maybe the RINOs in congress are trying to do damage control and expose Bachmann to intelligence in hopes that she will be able utter two sentences without sounding like a complete lunatic.

  • noastronomer

    Perhaps Michele thinks they’re handing it out?

  • noastronomer

    Also, if I were working for one of our intelligence services I think I would be more than happy to have Michele on the committee monitoring my activities. Just sayin’.


  • Never let it be said the republicans have no sense of irony.

  • Only the unintentional kind, d.c.wilson.

  • I wouldn’t worry about it. As soon as anything vaguely ‘intelligent’ crosses her desk, she throws her hands up and walks out. But really… I understand that she is hardly ever in Washington doing her job.

  • mobius

    Talk about someone lacking in qualifications…

  • Michael Heath

    I’d be surprised if Rep. Bachmann even attends committee meetings. Unless there’s a photo op or a chance for her to publically demagogue an issue.

  • And for some strange reason, Congress is slightly less popular than most communicable diseases.

  • Hey, can you blame Bachmann for not having time to schedule any legislating in her full schedule of photo ops, Fox appearances, fundraising events, gay pride parades to watch from the bushes, and depositions for lawsuits from her unpaid staff?

    Clearly, her plate is full.

  • thisisaturingtest

    #@10, reverendrodney:

    As soon as anything vaguely ‘intelligent’ crosses her desk, she throws her hands up and walks out.

    That’s not the problem, though. The problem is that, before she walks out, she screams “Muslims!!! Gays!!! Arglebargle!!” and demands time-consuming hearings on her nonsense. It’s hard to have the working Congress that we need when a member of it is constantly shouting “Boo! The sky is falling!” and thinking that is holding the sky up.

  • typecaster

    *Sigh*. Look, I enjoy a good Equivocation Fallacy as well as anyone, but once you realize that this is what’s going on, does it really stay all that funny? Sure, Bachman’s a moron, but it’s a bit unseemly to misuse a term with an entirely different meaning to belabor that fact. Especially given how often we rant about the wingnuts not understanding the subtleties of the English language.


    Just sayin’….

    Equivocation Fallacy

  • Thank you typecaster. I’m sure no one here had any idea that the word “intelligence” when used to describe the Congressional committee had a different meaning than everyday smarts. After all, it makes tons of sense that Congress would have a committee devoted to nothing more than brain power. How silly of us.

  • typecaster

    Oh, I’m pretty sure most of ’em are aware of that fact. I just don’t happen to find that sort of willful misapplication all that funny, which is one of my many personal failings, and chose to comment on it. Sorry if it croggled your greeps.

  • I understand that the joke stops being funny after about the four-hundredth telling. But no one is committing an actual fallacy given that everyone knows the difference between “intelligence” and “intelligence”. Still, the fact remains that while there is no Congressional committee on which Bachmann is fit to serve, her tenure on a committee dedicated to collecting analyzing vast amounts of data for the purpose of understanding what the hell is going on in the world is especially ironic. It is the one thing that she and her worldview are clearly incompatible with.

    Oh, and I accept your apology for my greeps, which are very croggled, though I should have been less marfusiant and simply fortoogled the snargufant. So, no biggie.